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Frank Cullotta (Former Mobster Dies) Biography – Frank Cullotta Wiki

Frank Cullotta, the former member of the Chicago Outfit and Las Vegas mobster, died on August 20 at the age of 81.
Cullotta’s death was confirmed through a video that was published on his official YouTube channel, Coffee With Cullotta. According to the video, Cullotta has been in the hospital during the last weeks of his life. Cullotta’s cause of death was not made public. A video that was published on the site on August 16 said that Cullotta was “not feeling well.”
Cullotta’s stories from her gangster life in Chicago and Las Vegas were the inspiration for the movie Casino.
In August 2020, businessman Adam Flowers, a CNN feature on business struggles during the coronavirus outbreak in Las Vegas, stated that Cullotta was suffering from the coronavirus. Flowers said Cullotta was still sick with this feature. Cullotta and Flowers worked together on the ex-gangster’s tour guide operation.
Flowers said he met Cullotta at lunch as a presymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus. Flowers said the couple took off their face masks. “We took off our masks, we sat there and ate. It must be time I give it to him. “Flowers said Cullotta tested positive for the virus shortly after this meeting.
Cullotta, a Chicago native in 1979, moved to Las Vegas to join mob member Tony Spilotro. The group became known as The Hole in the Wall Gang.

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According to a 1983 United Press International report, Cullotta became a government witness against Spilotro and other Las Vegas mobsters in 1982 after stealing a tape that federal agents’ ex-partner told the gang to “clean their dirty laundry”. In the trial, Cullotta confessed to the people killed in Spilotro.
Cullotta for the 1995 movie Casino was renamed Frank Marino and played by Frank Vincent. Cullotta served as one of the film’s technical advisors and was involved in a minor role. Cullotta told the Las Vegas Sun in 2015 that author Nicholas Pileggi, who penned the book on which the film was based, told it would not be a Casino movie without your Cullotta.
According to Cullotta’s IMDb page, she appeared as herself in the TV series Locked Up Abroad, America’s Book of Secrets, The Makin of the Mob and Sinatra: Dark Star.
When asked about killing people for a living, Cullotta said to Sun, “This looks like a war. I hate to use the military as a comparison, but it felt that way; I was following an order. “Cullotta said in the same interview that he often had tension headaches when he thought of his career in the mob. He said,“ I always had tension headaches and I no longer had a headache. I am clean today. I am very clean. ”
In July 2017, Cullotta became the subject of a Daily Beast feature detailing her life as a tour guide in Las Vegas.
Cullotta is the co-author of two books about his life: Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Criminal in 2007, Las Vegas Mobster, Government Witness, and 2017’s The Rise and Fall of a ‘Casino’ Mobster: The Tony Spilotro Story Through A Hitman’s Eyes. . Cullotta told The Daily Beast that Cullotta was his literary partner, Denny Griffin, who worked with businessman Robert Allen who was lobbying for their tours to be approved by city officials.
After leaving the mafia, Cullotta entered the witness protection program. Cullotta told Forbes in 2013 that he lived in Texas, Estes Park, Colorado, Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. Cullotta said he was regularly moved due to a contract placed in his life.
He said he once ran into the sister of an old friend in Cullotta, Alabama, Mobile. He moved to Mississippi the next day. Cullotta told Forbes, “Do you hear my voice? Can you imagine living in Biloxi, Mississippi? Do you think I can fit there or Texas? Of course, people would look at me and say, “You’re a Yankee, you’re a gangster, you’re talking like a gangster.”