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Francois Camille Abello, Spokesman Yusri Yunus said that 65-year-old Francois Camille Abello was unresponsive in her cell at a detention center in the capital Jakarta.
Mr. Abello was declared dead Sunday night after three days of treatment.
Retired was arrested in Jakarta last month. The police said she was in a room with two underage girls.
They said there were videos on Mr. Abello’s computer that showed that he had committed illegal sexual acts with more than 300 children aged 10 to 17.
Umar Shahab, who works at the National Police Hospital in Jakarta, said on Monday that Mr. Abello is maintaining a neck fracture that hinders oxygen supply.
Yunus said the guards in the detention center were questioned and the cell was examined as part of the death investigation.
According to the police, it was believed that Mr. Abello targeted street children and offered money to photograph them in the hotel room before making sexual advances. Police said those who refused were beaten.
If convicted, he faced prison sentence, chemical castration or possibly death.