Who is Francisco Aguilar? (Police suspect foul play in mysterious disappearance) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Francisco Aguilar? (Police suspect foul play in mysterious disappearance) Biography, Wiki

Francisco Aguilar is a Los Angeles firefighter who disappeared after traveling to Mexico for a brief solo vacation, KTLA reports.
According to the report, 48-year-old Francisco Aguilar has an Airbnb property in Rosarito, California, and traveled there on Thursday. His family has not heard from him since then, and his daughters told the news station that his cell phone is dead.
Aguilar’s family said they were looking forward to the KTLA to Rosarito, about 20 miles from the US-Mexico border, and planned to stay for only a few days. The report shows that Aguilar traveled there on a somewhat regular basis.

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“Last week, Amaris Aguilar, one of his daughters, told KTLA how it was heavenly to go to Rosarito, and he was delighted to tell him how much he loved having that freedom and spending more time with his family and being there.”
According to the report, Aguilar was a 20-year veteran in the Los Angeles Fire Department and also served in the US Army.
It was reported that the FBI participated in the search but did not reveal the details of the investigation. It was reported that Aguilar’s family told the KTLA that Mexican officials had said they suspected foul play.
A spokesperson said the Los Angeles Fire Department also helped with the investigation.
The missing man’s mother, Martha Carmona Aguilar, told KTLA that she was worried about her son’s trips to Mexico.
“I’m always worried about him getting there, but I just want him back,” he said. I miss my son And I want to make sure my grandchildren get their father back. “