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Florence Widdicombe Wiki – Bio

Florence Widdicombe is a six-year-old schoolgirl who has discovered a chilling plea from inmates of a Chinese prison scrawled inside a charity Christmas card from a £1.50 pack sold by Tesco.

Peter Humphrey Plea in Charity Christmas card from Chinese Prison

Peter Humphrey said he was arrested by the Chinese government while working as a corporate fraud investigator. He was held in Qingpu Prison for nine months
The heartbreaking request was found by Florence Widdicombe from Tooting, South London, when she opened the card with a kitten in a Santa hat.
The news, which says that foreign detainees at Qingpu Prison in Shanghai say that they have been forced to work “against our will,” urges the help of human rights organizations.
The call for help from the cards sold by Zheijiang Yunguang Printing highlights the plight of thousands in Chinese prisons and the supply chain behind Tesco’s card selection, which brings in £ 300,000 for the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK.
‘Forced to work against our will. Please help us and notify human rights organizations
‘My activities upset the Chinese government,’ he wrote, ‘which jailed both me and my American wife, Yu Yingzeng, on bogus charges that were never heard in court’. ‘.
Florence Widdicombe Bio

Mr Humphrey added that his contact with prisoners there had been lost after censorship had increased.

Florence found the card while writing her sixth or eighth card when she saw ‘somebody had already written it’, reports BBC News.

Tesco Statements

Tesco said in a statement it was ‘shocked’ by the message and said that production at the factory had been suspended pending an investigation by an expert ‘in-country team’.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • The desperate appeal by inmates of Chinese Qingpu Prison calls for help
  • Inmates write that they are forced to work in Shanghai prison against their will
  • The Tesco Charity Christmas Card Pack is sold to raise £ 300,000 for charity