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Farrakhan Muhammad Wiki – Farrakhan Muhammad Biography

The suspected Times Square gunman was aiming for his brother when he shot three innocent bystanders — and the sibling later dropped the dime on him, law-enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday.

How old is Farrakhan Muhammad?

He is 31 years old.

Farrakhan Muhammad Identified as Times Square Gunman

Farrakhan Muhammad, a 31-year-old CD peddler, was identified as the alleged shooter in Saturday’s horror — after a bizarre chain of events led cops to his brother, sources said.

Farrakhan Muhammad Videos and Images

The suspected gunman Farrakhan Muhammad had been caught on surveillance video at the scene of Saturday’s bloodshed, which occurred just before 5 p.m. in Times Square, and the images were widely disseminated.

Two sergeants with the Manhattan South Detective Bureau were then working a fatal overnight stabbing at a West 31st Street single-room-occupancy hotel when they spotted a man who looked almost identical to the alleged shooter, even down to his clothes, hanging around, sources said.

Cops approached the man to question him, telling him he looked just like the Times Square suspect, sources said.

“I’m his brother,” replied the man, who was not involved in the stabbing but said he lived at the SRO, according to sources.

The man then told officers that his brother had been aiming for him during the Times Square shooting, sources said.

“Textbook detective work,” a source told The Post.

Farrakhan Muhammad Arrested or Not?

Cops are still looking for Muhammad.

“We have our heavy hunters looking for him,” a source said.

Farrakhan Muhammad Criminal History

The suspect has been busted before, including last year for allegedly assaulting a random passerby who tried to intervene when Muhammad started hassling a couple on the street, sources said.

Muhammad allegedly pushed the good Samaritan into a trash can before the suspect’s buddy punched the victim in the face, sources said.

Times Square Shooting Victims

A Rhode Island woman has told how she collapsed in a pool of blood after she was shot at random in Times Square yesterday by a gunman who also wounded another woman and a four-year-old child.

The NYPD have released the first pictures of the man suspected of carrying out the shooting.

Farrakhan Muhammad allegedly opened fire in the crowded tourist zone in midtown Manhattan after getting into a heated argument, sending hundreds of people fleeing for their lives.

Wendy Magrinat, 23, on a sightseeing trip from Rhode Island, was shot in the leg as she stood in line for the Line Friends store on Broadway just before 5pm with her husband Yoel, their 2-year-old daughter Elise, and her mother, stepfather and 8-year-old sister.

She said she heard a fight break out between several men standing close by.

She and her husband tried to move away but before she could get to a safe distance, she was shot in her right thigh.

‘I just covered it and ran a little, just to get my daughter and my family to safety — but I couldn’t. The pain was too much, and I dropped to the floor,’ she told The Post.

Magrinat started screaming ‘I don’t want to die, please help me!’, but says onlookers began filming her with their mobile phones rather than help.

‘I understand … people get in shock. But if you’re in shock, you shouldn’t be recording. But that’s how people are right now,’ she told The Post.

Luckily, the bullet missed arteries, bone and muscle, and Magrinat says she is expected to make a full recovery. Her daughter and husband were unhurt.

An NYPD officer is being hailed a hero after a video of them clutching a a small child while rushing from the scene of the shooting has gone viral on social media.

Victims have been describing the scenes of panic and confusion as they tried to evade the gunfire.

Danae Romero, 16, said she was waiting in the queue at the same store with her 4-year-old niece Skye Martinez when the shooting began.

Romero said the pair ran for their lives – but Skye was struck by a stray bullet.

‘She didn’t feel anything. Even when we noticed when we were at the corner, she wasn’t crying,’ Romero told the Post.

It’s not clear if the young girl being rescued by the NYPD officer in the viral video is Skye Martinez.

Romero said Skye, who is from Brooklyn, had managed to stay calm throughout the ordeal, and was in a stable condition in hospital.

‘She’s pretty tough, I guess,’ Romero told the Post.

‘She’s always been happy. There aren’t many times when she cries and stuff,’ she said.

She said her sister, Skye’s mother, was in a state of shock after the shooting.

She called on police to arrest the gunman quickly.

‘What if he ends up hurting some more people? ‘Cause if he’s able to do it in a place where there’s so much people like Times Square and not care, what’s going to stop him from doing it again?’ she said in an interview with the Post.

A third victim, New Jersey woman, 43-year-old Marcela Aldana, was shot in the foot. All victims are expected to recover.

Magrinat, who had been in New York for a family reunion, said she had lost a lot of blood after being shot in the leg.

As she begged for bystanders to help get her daughter Elise to safety, she said a crowd of people around her began filming.

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