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Fahrelnissa Zeid Wiki: Fahrelnissa Zeid  was a Turkish artist best known for her large-scale abstract paintings with kaleidoscopic patterns. Also using drawings, lithographs, and sculptures, her work blended elements of Islamic and Byzantine art with abstraction and other influences from the West. Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid was one of the first women to go to art school in Istanbul. She lived in different cities and became part of the avant-garde scenes in Istanbul, pre-war Berlin and post-war Paris. Her work has been exhibited at various institutions in Paris, New York, and London, including the Institute of Contemporary Art in 1954. In the 1970s, she moved to Amman, Jordan, where she established an art school. In 2017, Tate Modern in London organized a major retrospective of the artist and called her “one of the greatest female artists of the 20th century.” Her largest work to be sold at auction, Towards a Sky (1953), sold for just under one million pounds in 2017.

Fahrelnissa Zeid Wikipedia

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid was born Fahrünissa Şakir (hereafter referred to as Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid, into an elite Ottoman family on the island of Büyükada. Her uncle, Cevat Çobanlı Pasha served as the Grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1891 to 1895. Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid’s father Şakir Pasha was appointed an ambassador to Greece, where he met Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid’s mother Sara İsmet Hanım. In 1913, Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid’s father was fatally shot and her brother, also named Cevat, was tried and convicted of his murder.

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid began drawing and painting at a young age. Her earliest known surviving work is a portrait of her grandmother, painted when she was 14. In 1919, Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts for Women, in Istanbul.

In 1920 at the age of nineteen, Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid married the novelist İzzet Melih Devrim. For their honeymoon, Devrim took Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid to Venice where she was exposed to European painting traditions for the first time. They had three children together. Her eldest son, Faruk (born 1921), died of scarlet fever in 1924. Her son Nejad (born 1923) went on to become a painter, and her daughter Şirin Devrim (born 1926) became an actress.

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid traveled to Paris in 1928 and enrolled at the Académie Ranson, where she studied under the painter Roger Bissière. Upon her return to Istanbul in 1929, Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid enrolled at the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts.

Her brother Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı was a novelist and her sister Aliye Berger was a painter.

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid Major works

  • Fight Against Abstraction, 1947
  • Resolved Problems, 1948
  • My Hell, 1951
  • Towards a Sky, 1953
  • Someone From the Past, 1980

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid 118th birthday celebrated with Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is celebrating Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid on her 118th birthday.

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid Born into an aristocratic, artistic Ottoman family in 1901, Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid broke through several barriers throughout her career.

But despite many remembering her a vibrant personality who ‘loved life’ she suffered from bouts of depression and tragically lost Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid father at just 13 years old when her brother accidentally shot him dead.

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid also reportedly discussed art with Hitler and managed to save her Iraqi royal husband’s life after convincing him to go on holiday with her.

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