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Who is Fahim Saleh (TECH CEO Found Dead) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Fahim Saleh (TECH CEO Found Dead) Wiki – Fahim Saleh Biography

Fahim Saleh is a 33-year-old tech CEO who was found dismembered in a New York apartment, law enforcement source says

Where was Fahim Saleh

The New York Police Department confirmed a man had been found dead Tuesday in an apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The source identified the man as tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh, a venture capitalist and CEO of Gokada, Nigeria’s motorcycle ride-hail company.
Saleh was last seen in surveillance footage Monday evening, getting into the elevator in his apartment building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the source said.

Fahim Saleh Suspect

A man dressed in all back — who, according to police, is suspected to be Saleh’s assailant — is seen in the video entering the elevator with him, according to the official. The elevator in Saleh’s building goes straight into the apartment units there, the source said.

Death and Cause of Death

Saleh, 33, was found decapitated and dismembered inside a condo he owned in Manhattan on Tuesday, the NYPD told the New York Times and the New York Daily News. Authorities said they initially found the victim’s torso near an electric saw inside the apartment. They later found his limbs and several large garbage bags.
Saleh’s sister originally found the body inside his luxury condo, police said.
Once inside Saleh’s apartment, the alleged assailant started to attack him, the source said.
When the CEO’s sister went to check in on him, she discovered Saleh’s torso in an area next to the living room, the official said.
Other parts of his body were stuffed into individual bags in the apartment, the source said.
Police haven’t yet determined a motive behind the grisly attack, the source said. The NYPD is looking into how the attacker exited the apartment building.
Gokada confirmed Saleh’s “sudden and tragic” death on Twitter.