Who is Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins? Beat 2 Family Members to Death with Baseball Bat

Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins, faces charges of murder and aggravated battery, Windermere police Chief David A. Ogden said in a press release. The incident happened on Sunbittern Court, which is in the Lake Crescent Reserve gated subdivision.
Hopkins, 34, was trying to steal a vehicle from the house when homeowners John and Lisa Savey, both 61, confronted him, Ogden said. Hopkins then attacked and killed John Savey and pursued Lisa Savey inside the house, police said.
After entering, he attacked Lisa Savey and killed James Savey, the boy’s uncle and the son of John and Lisa Savey. Hopkins beat the three Saveys with sticks, Ogden said. Lisa Savey survived and said she was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.
Besides the Windermere, Ocoee and Oakland police, Orange County Sheriff’s Office lawmakers also responded and entered the house. Hopkins said it was closed in a bathroom until then.
Officers were found when they were forced to enter and arrested. Hopkins was seen to swallow the bleach, so Ogden, who described the suspect as “not very sensitive at the scene,” said he was taken to the Health Center Hospital in Ocoee for treatment.
Adjacent neighbor Kay Chang, with her husband, did not wake up late on Thursday during the attack, but saw that their neighborhood was flooded with police on Friday morning. He told the Saveys that he was heartbroken to find out what happened.
“John and Lisa and their families are the most precious people,” Chang said, strangling.
Chang said that his long-time neighbors, who are ten years younger than him and her husband, will help them, usually around the house or garden, by picking up trash cans or helping with hurricane preparations.
“John is very kind, always trying to help,” Chang said. According to Florida records, John Savey was a licensed real estate agent.
Chang said that “Jay” is the “honey” that James “Savey” watched grow when he was 30 years old. He said that the Savey went to church and were “good Christians” who participated in Bible studies.
“I was very shocked, I was still shaken,” he said.
Chang said police forces told him to stay home on Friday. A medical doctor’s van remained on his streets until Friday morning.
According to the police, before calling Savey’s grandson 911, officers from the Ocoee Police Department had seen a suspicious vehicle near Ocoee Apopka Road behind a construction site. The vehicle came down from McGuire Road and the officers did not chase it, but soon threw a stalk along Park Avenue, which runs parallel to part of Sunbittern Court.
Ogden, the car was driven “a few” yards and crashed into a tree near Sunbittern Court’s home. The police chief did not say whether Hopkins was suspected of being the driver of the car.
Chang stated that he wondered why the man was trying to steal Savey’s car and that Mercedes was parked right next to John Savey’s truck.
the case is still under investigation.