Teen Student and Activist fatally shot at Airbnb: Ethan Williams Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Death and Cause, Instagram, Facebook

Ethan Williams Biography – Ethan Williams Wiki

The grieving father of an Indiana college student Ethan Williams, who killed by gunfire in New York this weekend says his son was a caring and generous person who wanted to make the world a better place, the New York Post reports.

The newspaper published an interview with the father of 20-year-old Ethan Williams, who was shot by a stray bullet while socializing with friends at an Airbnb in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood around 2.30pm on Saturday.


According to WCBS-TV, Williams tried to rush inside after the suspect opened fire but was shot in the chest with at least one bullet.


Investigators do not believe that Williams was the targeted target of an armed conflict more than 60 meters away.


According to the newspaper, the gunman dropped the gun and fled the scene.


Williams’ father, Jason Williams, said in an interview with the New York Post on Saturday evening that his son would want to be the hitman’s friend.


“Ethan would have wanted the hitman to know he had forgiven them already,” Jason Williams told the newspaper.


Growing up, Williams was a missionary in Rwanda and defended a peer who was bullied on the bus. While he was not gay, he founded an LGBTQ club to promote inclusion among his classmates in high school.


He served on the youth council of the mayor of Indianapolis that tried to tackle issues such as violence and poverty.


“It’s hard to express how much you love everyone,” Jason Williams told Post. He did not know a stranger.


Williams was a sophomore student studying film at Indiana University and was considering working in journalism.


“He said people should not be defined by their worst moments,” said Jason Williams. He wanted to make the world a better place.


Williams had long dreamed of coming to New York after watching “Spider-Man” and finally did it this fall to spend time with friends and record skateboarding videos. They had pooled their money to make the trip happen, according to WCBS-TV reports.


Williams’ mother and younger siblings told the newspaper “completely broken.”


According to WTHR-TV, the family made a written statement asking anyone knowledgeable about the case to apply to the police.


“We know that if he had the opportunity to say something to the hitman, he would invite him over for a cup of coffee and listen to his story,” the statement says. He would forgive without delay. Ethan has always seen beyond the surface and took time to help others feel seen, important, and loved.


The statement reached the following conclusion: “The family appreciates the spill of support. We want privacy as we grieve and focus on understanding what the world would look like without Ethan. “