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Esequiel David Torres, who had just turned 18 a month earlier, was charged in 3rd District Court on Friday with the first-degree felony in connection with the Feb. 1 incident. He was also charged with aggravated robbery, another first-degree felony.

A West Valley man accused in a fatal shooting at a Salt Lake apartment complex in February has been charged with murder.

According to the recharge documents, on February 1, 20-year-old Ghorke Gwen was shot in front of Solara Apartments near 700 North and 900 West. He suffered “unique brain injury” and the charges were declared dead the next day at a local hospital.

Investigators later learned that Torres had arranged to take drugs from Gwen, but he and another person planned to charge the state of the documents, when they met, planned to rob it.

“Torres pulled out his gun, pointed it at Gwen and said,” Give me everything you have, “he said in the parking lot.

Instead, Gwen tried to punch Torres, according to the recharge documents.

About an hour before the deadly shot, the two men were robbed at gunpoint and the documents were charged. The suspect in this robbery opened fire on his way. Nobody was hurt.

The detectives used ballistic tests to match the shell casings from two incidents from the same weapon, according to charge documents. The victims of the robbery also managed to identify Torres as a suspect accusing him.

He also said that the accusations were “documented statements to more than one person, accepting that Ghorke Gwen was shot dead”.

Although she had turned 18 just weeks ago and brought her to accusations in the adult system, a policeman stated that there was already detention or parole at the time of shooting for previous accusations in Torres’ juvenile court.

Prosecutors requested that Torres be held in Salt Lake County Prison on $ 1 million bail.