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California man dies in police custody after he was beaten: Ernie Serrano Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Ernie Serrano Biography, Ernie Serrano Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Family members of a California man Ernie Serrano who died after being arrested by police officers are demanding answers. Last Tuesday (Dec. 15), 33-year-old Ernie Serrano passed away after he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon following an incident in a grocery store in Jurupa Valley. Video footage captured Riverside County sheriff’s deputies beating the victim with a baton repeatedly. They also used a taser and pepper spray on Serrano.

According to body camera footage posted by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Serrano was bleeding from her face when she was handcuffed. He yelled at the officers to let him go, and at one point he yelled “Excessive power”.


“This doesn’t happen to the whites in Sherman Oaks or the Valley store. You wouldn’t see a cop rushing towards them and hitting them with batons,” said Humberto Guizar, lawyer representing Serrano’s family.


Ernie Serrano’s mother, Maria Serrano, said, “He was not responding to anyone, he was not fighting as he said.” He was taking the blows and they put him down and killed him. He died there. He didn’t die in the hospital. He died there. ”


On Monday, December 21, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said that a preliminary autopsy determined Serrano’s cause of death as acute methamphetamine poisoning – causing an irregular heartbeat while tackling officers. The autopsy also showed bruising on his abdomen and right arm, consistent with marks made by a baton.


Serrano’s family is now calling for an independent autopsy and are planning to file a lawsuit. Lawyer Guizar believes that the officers held Serrano in a position of danger for too long, and that this led to his death, not overdose.