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Erik Salgado, New videos in the dying moments after California Highway Patrol officers opened fire on him and his pregnant girlfriend in a car police say was stolen. Salgado, 23, was killed, in the June 6 shooting, and his pregnant partner lost their child, according to Salgado’s family.
The latest footage comes in the form of several video clips released by Shane Bauer, a journalist and author, who received them from someone present at the scene of the shooting. Bauer tweeted the videos out in a thread. Stills from those videos have also been shared in local news coverage in the last day.
Now, organizers and activists alike are demanding police accountability; specifically, that the officers who fired an estimated 40 rounds at Salgado and his partner are identified publicly, detained, and brought to justice.
In the videos, one can hear confusion and conversation, as well as the cries of Salgado’s pregnant partner as officers order to get on her knees at gunpoint. Bauer noted, “at 1:09 am, two hours after the shooting, the injured pregnant woman still [appeared] to be [at the scene].”

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He was 23 years old.

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Salgado’s partner has not spoken publicly about what happened, but Bauer says the woman’s voice in these videos belongs to her. In the next video, voices can be heard saying “can you get out of the car?,” and “Get out of the car,” seemingly to a woman.

In the subsequent videos, the screams of a woman can be heard again, with an officer telling someone to give the woman aid. It’s not clear how much time has passed since shots were fired, but Bauer says Salgado’s pregnant partner was on the scene for at least two hours after.


“The City of Oakland is committed to conducting a rigorous and transparent investigation into this fatal shooting that occurred in our city,” Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said on Monday.
Though Salgado’s partner has not spoken publicly, she was listed as being in stabled condition at a nearby hospital by CBS San Francisco on June 8.