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Erica Price Wiki – Erica Price Biography

Erica Price is shot dead by her former boyfriend Actor Hagen Mills, who is dead after allegedly attempting to carry out a murder-suicide in Kentucky.

Erica Price Family

Price has a 4-year-old daughter together with Mills. According to police, Price’s mother and young daughter were held inside by Mills until she got home.

Erica Price and Hagen Mills

Erica Price is the baby momma of Hagen Mills 4-year-old daughter, Mila, according to the Mayfield Police Department. On Mills’ Facebook page, it says he first met Price in 2012. More information about their relationship is not known.
According to the police, Mills held his 4-year-old daughter and Price’s mother inside until she got to the residence. Also, Mills’ mother told the publication that although he loved acting, nothing surpassed the love he had for his daughter.

Erica Price Death

The actor then allegedly forced the female victim into his home, where he raped and sodomized her. She was held inside for hours, but managed to escape the property when Mills fell asleep. The victim took herself to a local hospital for an examination.


According to an arrest warrant pertaining to that case, Mills allegedly became embroiled in an altercation with a woman outside his home sometime in March. He reportedly struck the victim with a handgun ‘causing a laceration to her lip’.
The young girl was inside the home at the time, as was Price’s mother. Neither were injured during the incident.
Investigators claim that Mills held the pair hostage inside the home until Price arrived at 5.45 pm. After she walked through the front door, Mills shot her multiple times. She was taken to hospital in a stable condition after contacting police.
Records from Graves County Jail in Kentucky show Mills has an extensive rap sheet.
On March 30 of this year, he was arrested and charged with first degree rape and sodomy, as well as kidnapping and possession of methamphetamine.
The description reads: ‘Erica was involved in an incident entirely out of her control and the results of that incident have left her with injuries that needed immediate and ongoing medical treatment.
Erica has a small child to support, as a single mother. She will likely accumulate a series of expensive medical bills, and at this point it is unlikely she will return to work anytime soon.’