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eSalon Owner Becomes Latest Victim of Death Hoax: Erica Kious Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Erica Kious Biography

Erica Kious Biography p- Erica Kious Wiki

Erica Kious is the owner of eSalon in San Francisco was the victim of a death hoax in 2020. In early September 2020, Kious, 45, appeared multiple times on Fox News after it emerged that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi used Kious’ salon in violation of San Francisco’s rules during the coronavirus quarantine.

On September 21, a post appeared on Facebook alleging that Kious was found dead. The post said Kious was “found dead behind a pizzeria.” As of this writing, the post remains online.


On October 14, a satirical news article was published that also alleged that Kious was found dead. In the article, Kious’s name was misspelled as “Newsstand”. The headline read: “Hair salon owner found dead, Pelosi has ties to henchman.” The news site’s description calls it “Satire on the landlords, the achievers and all of you Qaeda.”


There is no evidence to suggest that Kious has died. Given the media attention Kious attracted in September 2020 following Pelosi’s visit to his salon, his death would have been covered by local and national media.


Kious was active on her Instagram page 11 hours before this article was published. Kious posted a meme on her Instagram story calling for the removal of California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. While six hours before that, Kious posted the photo above on her Instagram page advertising a pro Donald Trump necklace she bought. Kious has also been active on her Twitter page during September and October 2020.


On September 27, Kious posted a photo on Facebook of two hate mail messages that were allegedly sent to her living room. One began with the words: “Bitch you are, I’m glad I had to close your salon!” The other called Kious “pathetic and traitorous.”


In a Sept. 2 interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Kious said he had received death threats since the Pelosi incident. During that interview, Carlson asked Kious if he would stay in San Francisco, the salon owner responded by saying, “I think I’m pretty depressed right now.”


Kious appeared again on Carlson’s show on September 10 and said, “I actually ended up in San Francisco and closed my doors, unfortunately. In fact, I’m scared to go back. It’s a bit scary and it’s sad. Positive calls and text messages from clients. But other than that, nothing but negativity. ”


The Sacramento Bee reported on Sept. 16 that a “senior official” in Placer County in northeastern California named Bonnie Gore invited Kious to open a new salon in her county. Gore said in part: “While you may already know your next destination, I would like to invite you to consider setting up your next salon here. Our arms are open to hard working small business owners. ”


A GoFundMe page that was created to help Kious in the wake of the Pelosi scandal raised a total of $ 336,346. The description on the page says that all the money raised will go directly to helping Kious start a new business.


The Washington Post reported on October 13 that administrators for the social media giant removed a fake Twitter account that was allegedly Kious.