Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna Killer: Emmanuel Manny Lopes Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Emmanuel Manny Lopes Wiki – Bio

Emmanuel Manny Lopes is accused of killing Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna with Chesna’s own gun; Lopes also allegedly shot and killed an innocent bystander

 Manny Lopes Age

He is 20 years old.

Emmanuel Lopes Accused Killing Michael Chesna

Prosecutors say 20-year-old Emanuel Lopes could be arraigned Tuesday at either his South Shore Hospital bedside or in court in connection with the deaths of Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna and an elderly woman, who he also shot in her nearby home. He was originally expected to be arraigned Monday but was not medically available, according to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office.
Authorities say Chesna was trying to locate the driver of a crashed vehicle Sunday when he spotted Lopes allegedly vandalizing a home. Prosecutors say Lopes hit Chesna in the head with a rock, took the officer’s gun and shot him. Lopes was shot in the leg by police.

Emmanuel Manny Mother Statements

Lopes’ mother spoke with NBC10 Boston about her son on Sunday. She did not want her name used but said on the phone that the mental health system failed her son, who had struggled with mental health issues.
She said she tried to get help for her son, most recently at South Shore Mental Health in Quincy, but he refused to take his medication. She also said she has a restraining order against her son.

Emmanuel Manny Lopes Classmate Statements

A former classmate of Lopes spoke Monday about her former friend. Maria Niles said she lost touch with Lopes after he left Weymouth High School. While she knew he was troubled, Niles says she never thought Lopes was capable of this.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Emanuel Lopes will be arraigned Tuesday in connection with the shooting deaths of Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna and an elderly woman.
  • Lopes, 20, was shot in the leg by responding officers. He could be arraigned from his hospital bed or in a courtroom.
  • He was previously arrested in Oct. 2017 for allegedly selling cocaine to a minor.