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Emma Husar wiki: Emma Husar (born 20 April 1980) is an Australian politician, who has been the Australian Labor Party (ALP) member for the Australian House of Representatives seat of Lindsay since defeating the sitting Liberal MP Fiona Scott by a swing of 4.1% at the 2016 federal election. Previously, Husar was unsuccessful as the ALP candidate for the seat of Penrith at the 2015 New South Wales state election.

Emma Husar Investigation

In July 2018, it was reported that Husar had been the subject of an internal investigation commissioned by the NSW Labor Party since March regarding staff complaints of workplace bullying and misconduct. Husar denied the allegations and took personal leave shortly afterward, citing threats of violence directed towards her. The investigation conducted by barrister John Whelan upheld complaints that Husar had behaved unreasonably towards her staff. However, claims of lewd conduct and misleading the parliament were rejected. Legal advice based on this assessment prompted the NSW Labor Party to report that there was no basis for Husar to resign from parliament.

Emma Husar Endorsement

Husar had already been re-endorsed as the ALP’s candidate for Lindsay at the 2019 election. Nevertheless, Husar announced on 8 August 2018 (two days before investigation findings were made public) that Emma Husar would not re-contest her marginal seat. Labor accepted her decision. Three weeks later in an interview on the ABC’s 7.30, Husar said “slut shaming” led to her decision to resign.In November 2018, Husar said Emma Husar had changed her mind and disputed that Emma Husar had ever ceased to be endorsed as the Labor candidate Regardless, the NSW branch of the party reportedly preferred a different candidate. Husar subsequently sought intervention by Labor leader Bill Shorten, who believed that it was not in the best interests of the ALP or Husar for her to recontest the seat.

Emma Husar Personal

Husar has three children and is single. In her second speech to Parliament on 23 November 2016, Husar revealed her family history of domestic violence.

I am not a bully … I am not a thief

The Labor MP announces defamation action against the website and reporter Alice Workman over an article which led to Husar saying Emma Husar would not contest her Sydney seat at the next election.

Husar rejects allegations Emma Husar flashed a colleague in the manner of the Sharon Stone character in Basic Instinct.  ‘I am not Sharon Stone,’ Emma Husar tells the House of Representatives

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