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Dog on Train Seat: Emily Maitlis Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Emily Maitlis Bio

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Emily Maitlis is a British journalist, documentary-maker and newsreader for the BBC. She presents BBC Two’s news and current affairs program Newsnight and as of 2019 is the only Newsnight presenter not to have attended a private school. She also covers elections for the BBC in the UK, US, and Europe. In January 2014, she became acting political editor of Newsnight when she temporarily replaced Allegra Stratton who took maternity leave until later that year and in 2019 led an all female line-up.

Emily Maitlis Age

She is 49 Years old.

Emily Early life

Maitlis was born to British parents in Canada. Her paternal grandmother was a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany.

Emily Maitlis Education

She was educated at the King Edward VII School. Her mother and father worked as a psychotherapist and an academic, respectively. A Cambridge University graduate who studied at Queens’ College, she speaks fluent Spanish, Italian and French, as well as some Mandarin.

Emily Maitlis Net Worth

Her estimated net worth of $4.5 million dollars approximately, which is a result of her massive amount of salary. According to wiki media, she receives over $400 thousand dollars of yearly salary. However, the figure is well deserved as she has spent over two decades in the media field alongside top-ranked candidates and with a high paying news channel.

Emily Maitlis Parents

Of Jewish heritage, Maitlis is the daughter of Professor Peter Maitlis FRS, Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, and Marion Maitlis.

Emily Maitlis Husband

She is married to investment manager Mark Gwynne whom she met while working in Hong Kong. The couple has two children, Milo and Max. Maitlis is a keen runner and a WellChild Celebrity Ambassador.
During an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Maitlis revealed that she had proposed to her husband while on holiday in Mauritius in 2000.

Emily Maitlis Dog on Train Seat

Earlier this week rail passengers branded the broadcaster ‘disrespectful’ when the photograph of her pooch Moody on a ‘busy’ London-bound train from Cornwall went viral.

Emily Maitlis has claimed that she is a victim of ‘pet-shaming’ in a push-back to critics who slammed her for letting her dog sleep on a train seat.

The Newsnight presenter explained that the whippet – which was recovering from an injured leg – leaped up on to the seat after three hours sprawled on the carriage floor.

She pointed out that the ‘outraged passenger’ who snapped the viral picture had also included another man with his feet up in the shot, suggesting it was not a crammed train.

One witness, travelling from Reading in Berkshire to London, told the Mirror that Moody was on the seat for at least 25 minutes before arriving into London.

The onlooker said: ‘I was really surprised to see the dog on the seat. There wasn’t even a mat or newspaper underneath it.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • She explained that Dog was recovering from an injured leg
  • Passengers branded Maitlis ‘disrespectful’ when the photo went viral this week
  • But she explained the dog had been sprawled on the floor for three hours