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Who is Emily Donovan Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Emily Donovan Wiki – Emily Donovan Biography

A ruined bride-to-be left her fiancee and lost almost half of her body weight after learning that she had cheated on her.


24-year-old Emily Donovan from Port Talbot, Margam, Wales, lost confidence after discovering that her partner was not loyal and canceled her wedding.


But this move inspired Ms. Donovan, who was 15-and-a-half stones at the time, to stay healthy – and gave up the take-away, sandwich, and chips diet.


He said: ‘This is what made me lose weight because it affected my self-esteem.


Before, I didn’t want to go out and get dressed because I didn’t want my picture taken. It’s like I missed a part of my life. ‘


Working at the Tata Steel factory in Port Talbot, Ms. Donovan began running regularly, going to the gym and eating healthy to lose more than six stones.


He said: ‘In September last year, I weigh 15 stones nine kilograms at my heaviest, and now nine stones.


Before joining ‘Slimming World’ I went on vacation to overcome my heartbreak and that’s when I decided to join.


I swore I would be more active but when I first started I was not fit. Besides Slimming World, I signed up for 5k in Couch and my dad started running with me.


“This was the best thing that ever happened to me, and now I have confidence.”


The Tata Steel worker said he was an overweight boy but had lost weight before with Slimming World before he started ‘casual dining’ during his five-year relationship with his ex.


Sad: ‘I was relieved and eating what he was eating and not really thinking about what I was eating – I was just relaxed and happy.


I had never cooked before. I would take food or take it out with my friends and boyfriend.


It would always be food to go, sandwiches and chips. Sometimes I would miss meals and get a bunch of snacks instead. ‘


Ms. Donovan says she now enjoys home-cooked meals and spends much more time exercising.


Ever since I joined ‘Slimming World’ I’ve been cooking my own meals like spaghetti bolognese, chicken pie and shepherd pie but my favorites are curries because I really like Indian food and that’s what I’m used to.


My life has definitely changed with running and being more active.


I wouldn’t even go for a walk before, but now I’m going for a walk on the weekends – the dog loves that.


I never thought I could do a Parkrun. I reached 10,000 but I hope I can do that in a race soon.


Not everyone can handle it because I lose weight. They all say they see a difference in me and my confidence has come a long way.


I lost the last three stones as I seemed more motivated during the crash. I really saw this as a chance when it comes to exercising, eating and being active. ”