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Eltiona Skana Wiki – Eltiona Skana Biography

NHS bosses launched an investigation into the murder of seven-year-old Emily Jones by a mentally ill Albanian woman last night.


New research coming after The Mail revealed a catastrophic catalog of failures on Sunday will examine how paranoid schizophrenic Eltiona Skana is viewed in society.


The medical staff knew that when the attack occurred, it posed a threat.


Skana, 30, who illegally entered the UK in 2014, caught Emily while sliding in a park in Bolton on Mother’s Day and slit her throat with a handmade knife.


MoS announced last week that medical staff knew that Skana had previously threatened a 13-year-old girl while possibly with a knife, but this incident was not included in the risk assessment and those watching her care in the community were unaware of the danger. .


Skana was only evaluated once in the three months before he killed Emily, but she had a shocking history of violence, including an incident in which she used a knife and an attack on her mother.


Medical staff were warned by her sister that she did not take her anti-psychotic tablets ‘in the early stages of her illness’.


Despite such failures and the anger of Emily’s father, Mark, a review commissioned by the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, who was responsible for her care, said the horrible event could not be predicted or prevented.


However, MoS received a new investigation order into the murder.


“There will be an independent investigation for this case that is in the process of being recruited,” said a spokesman for NHS England.


Mark Jones, 49, a loan manager at a law firm, welcomed the move last night, saying: “This is a step in the right direction. There are still many questions to answer. I want to keep this in public awareness and get the right answers.


“I don’t want this to be put under the carpet because I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I want someone to be responsible for it.”


On Friday, Mr. Jones emailed Neil Thwaite, the general manager of the trust, saying that everyone responsible for Skana “should take their position seriously.”


The great Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham told MoS last night that the new investigation should be “as comprehensive as possible”.


“I remember very clearly when I first heard about the attack on Emily because I found it deeply shocking and I couldn’t help thinking about what her family went through,” she added. ‘People talk about the worst nightmares, but that definitely applies to any parent.


“I am in contact with Emily’s family and will always fully support them in getting all the answers they need. Therefore, I welcome this independent research and will want to make sure it is as comprehensive as possible.”


Skana admitted to the murder on the grounds that his liability was diminished, and was sentenced to life imprisonment of at least eight years last week.



He will be detained in a secure hospital but sent to prison if his treatment permits.