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Who is Ellen DeGeneres Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

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Television host Ellen DeGeneres said she tested positive for COVID-19 but ‘feels fine’.


Hello everyone, I want to inform you that I tested positive for Covid-19. Fortunately, I feel fine right now, ‘DeGeneres, 62, said in a statement posted on Twitter on Thursday.


“Everyone who has been in close contact with me has been informed and I am following all appropriate CDC guidelines,” he added. See you again after the holidays. Please stay safe and healthy. ‘


DeGeneres, who typically recorded episodes of The Ellen Show at least a day in advance, was among the studio guests, singer Leslie Odom Jr. Wednesday afternoon he appeared at his usual slot.


Thursday’s episode, if broadcast as planned, often marks the last day of DeGeneres ‘famous ’12-day Giveaways’ teaser series, with huge sponsors and high scores.


This year, the show gives daily gifts to frontline workers, first responders, healthcare professionals and families most affected by the pandemic.


The host’s coronavirus diagnosis came just a day after a terrible Buzzfeed News article claimed it had a hard time attracting sponsors and A-list guests for this year’s holiday specials – the allegations were fiercely debated by DeGeneres’ camp.


A current employee of The Ellen Show said that the gift episodes of the show were faltering after reports about the show’s ‘toxic’ workplace culture.


“In a typical year, the” 12 Day Giveaway “is huge. Basically we announced Christmas on daytime television. When you think of Christmas on television, you think of The Ellen Show, ‘he said.


Everyone wants to be in the audience. Everyone wants gifts. And so we line up all these crazy sponsors and people love it. However, this year ’12 Today ‘is busier. We do not have many sponsors. ‘


However, a source close to the show strongly disputed the allegations as false, and told DailyMail.com that the typical ’12 Day Gift Giving’ format, which often focuses on generous trips and holidays, must be radically changed due to the outbreak.


Season 18 guests of the show included Matthew McConaughey, Justin Bieber, Jane Fonda, Chance the Rapper, Kristen Bell, and Orlando Bloom.