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An inquest into the death of a 26-year-old Ella-Louise Tunney heard that she drowned in a hot tub in her family home after suffering an epileptic fit, and her body was discovered only three days later as the cover was on top.

According to the Daily Mail, a search for Ella-Louise Tunney, who worked as head of settlements at the financial services firm Alpha FX, was launched on June 23 last year after she couldn’t be located at her parents’ home in Eton Wick, near Windsor in Berkshire.

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After searches in nearby fields and her place of work turned up empty, police discovered her drowned in the inflatable hot tub after lifting its cover, which was said to have shut down due to the wind.

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The inquest heard that Ella-Louise Tunney had been diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager but had managed to keep it under control by taking medication. However, the condition worsened and by November 2017, she was suffering from blackouts. Ella-Louise Tunney reportedly suffered one during a work trip while she was in the bath, but was dragged out by a colleague on that occasion.

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When she disappeared in June, her father Lee Tunney initially assumed she had gone to sleep in the annex of their home which housed her living quarters. When she did not turn up even the next day, he thought she might be out watching the World Cup with some friends, though her handbag and phone were still at the residence. Alarm bells began ringing after there were still no signs of her on June 25.

Sajad revealed to the inquest that, as per protocol, they began searching the home thoroughly. He said he then remembered Tunney telling him that he had last seen his daughter when she was preparing the hot tub. When he lifted the cover, their worst nightmare had come true — Ella-Louise Tunney was found lying inside, face down.

The 26-year-old’s best friend, Hannah Hinton, explained how this may have happened, saying, “Ella liked a drink, she would binge drink on a Friday night. A combination of working so hard, the drinking and epilepsy just wiped her out.”

Ella-Louise Tunney Cause of Death

A postmortem examination ruled the death as accidental and cause of death as drowning after having an epileptic fit.