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Ella Kissi-Debra Wiki – Ella Kissi-Debra Biography

The mother of an asthmatic female student told in tears about an investigation into their last night together before dying after a coughing attack believed to be caused by air pollution near her home.


Rosamund Kissi-Debra said that the talented Ella aspires to become an RAF pilot and, despite just turning nine, has a reading age of 14.


Despite his asthma, he was active, enjoyed sports and played various musical instruments.


Ms. Kissi-Debra recounted that Beethoven read her love letters to Ella after they had their last meal together on Valentine’s Day evening before the fatal asthma attack.


In the early hours of February 15, 2013, Ella woke up and was taken to the hospital, where it was announced that she died at 3.27 am despite efforts to revive her.


Ms. Kissi-Debra told the hearing: “She was lively and cheerful, very intelligent – there were signs of what would happen next at a very early time. She was a joy, it was the center of our world.”


The teacher described how her daughter’s health deteriorated and how she endured terrible seizures, and she had to go to the hospital almost 30 times in the years before her death.


The investigation heard how Ella lived 80 feet from one of London’s most congested roads and that pollution levels at a nearby monitoring station “consistently exceeded” legal limits.


Ms. Kissi-Debra told the hearing yesterday that if she knew the link between air pollution and Ella’s situation, she would have moved home immediately.


A forensic officer is asked to manage that the girl’s death was caused by air pollution. Testifying at the Southwark Coroner Court in South London, Ms. Kissi-Debra described how she had to revive Ella regularly when she became “harsh and sad” in cough-induced seizures.


“Ella at her worst was like a Covid patient,” he said. ‘He would cough, cough, cough, and get hard and sad.


He would not have a seizure suddenly. He always coughed first. I tried to find a model but it didn’t work. ‘


The investigation heard how the family had not been warned that the air pollution around their home near South Circular in Lewisham constituted a ‘public health emergency’ at the time.


Both her home and school were within the high-risk Air Quality Management Areas designated by their councils, but the dangers were never told to residents.


Ms. Kissi-Debra said she would move home if the risks were clear, adding: “We would move immediately. We were desperate to help her in any way.” She said the ignorance left the family and the doctors were puzzled by Ella’s breathing difficulties.


“We were looking in the completely wrong direction,” he said.


Ms. Kissi-Debra successfully applied to the Supreme Court judges for a second investigation after the 2014 verdict that Ella died of acute respiratory failure, possibly due to “something in the air.”


If Ella becomes the first person to write “air pollution” as the cause of death in the UK, the new trial could go into legal history. The investigation continues.