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Who is Ella Foster Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Ella Foster Wiki – Ella Foster Biography

A woman in a hotel quarantine developed an incredible friendship with her office workers after a series of objections in post-it notes.


Ella Foster, 22, is completing a two-week quarantine period at Amora Jamison in Sydney after flying from Los Angeles last Tuesday.


Mrs. Foster began to post boredom messages to her window and even persuaded the office building opposite to send snacks and McDonald’s.


“I was in quarantine to see my boyfriend and was afraid of the idea of ​​spending two weeks in a hotel room,” he told Daily Mail Australia.


“Who would have thought that a pack of post-it packages was the highlight of my day and would bring so much joy?”


Mrs. Foster traveled to Australia to reunite with her Brisbane-based boyfriend Liam and planned to meet with friends in Sydney when she was released on December 15th.


“I was afraid of the quarantine and jokingly told my dad that I would count down a window in the post-it until he came out,” he explained.


“He said it was boring and I did” SEND SHOOTS “to make it more interesting.


Mrs. Foster spelled the letters in blue notes and glued them to her window.


“Before we could finish writing the snacks, a group of about 10 people gathered and said” ROOM? “He replied.


‘I made it out of post-it’s but I also raised my fingers with my room number and the snacks were delivered in about 15 minutes.’


Office workers sent Ms. Foster Pringles, KitKat chocolate, Doritos Haribo gummy bears, and even a McDonald’s dinner collection.


‘I immediately thought’ THANKS ‘and then I called my whole family about it worked out and how quickly it was.’


The social media marketer said he posted ‘G’DAY’ the next morning and received ‘HI’ and ‘lots of waves’ in response.


He also did a ‘TGIF’ on Friday and was greeted with a happy face.


A coffee was sent to Foster on Monday morning after he wrote ‘SEND COFFEE’ and he wrote ‘YOU IMPORTANT’ on Tuesday.


He plans to write ‘HAPPY HUMPDAY’ on Wednesday and prepares a message for Thursday and Friday.


Ms. Foster said she did not see the ‘two mainwomen collecting others and sending snacks’ again.


Yet they blew kisses before leaving and we waved all afternoon. When the snacks were delivered, we all had a happy dance at the window, ‘he said.


I hope they will be back the day before I leave, I’d like to send more messages. I call them every day in case of being in the office. ‘


Those arriving in Australia who are supposed to be citizens, have a permanent residence permit or have a special exemption had to be subject to hotel quarantine for two weeks since the outbreak started in March.


This is to ensure that they do not fly to the coronavirus-infected country and spread it to the public.