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Elizabeth Kloepfer Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend (Ted Bundy), 10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Elizabeth Kloepfer Wiki

Elizabeth Kloepfer Wiki

Ted Bundy and Elizabeth Kloepfer maintained an intimate 10-year relationship while Bundy spanning entire reign of terror during the 1970s. Bundy was able to hide his demons under a charming, clean-cut exterior and nothing ever suggested to Kloepfer that he was anything worse than a bad boyfriend

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Kloepfer’s story is back in the public eye through the new Netflix movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. She’s called Liz Kendall. The movie, which stars Zac Efron as Bundy and Lily Collins as Kloepfer, is titled after a line uttered by the judge after one of Bundy’s sentencing. When Judge Edward Cowart imposed a death sentence on Bundy, he memorably said, “The court finds that both of these killings were indeed heinous, atrocious and cruel. And that they were extremely wicked, shockingly evil, vile and the product of design to inflict a high degree of pain and utter indifference to human life.”

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The movie endured criticism early on because of its portrayal of Bundy as a mendaciously albeit alluring figure (played by the heartthrob Efron no less.) Some have accused the movie – and society – of sexualizing the serial killer. However, as the real Elizabeth Kloepfer AKA Liz Kendall could attest: Bundy was able to present a charming and utterly false front. He was the reliable boyfriend by day, and an utterly horrific serial killer by night, murdering college coeds. That a psychopath could so seamlessly masquerade as normal is one of the most frightening aspects of Bundy’s personality because it means that Elizabeth Kloepfer could easily have been any one of us.

By 1974, Bundy had launched into one of the country’s most notorious murder sprees, ultimately slaying at least 30 women (some believe the death toll exceeds 100).

However, where is Kloepfer today? Here’s what is known about Ted Bundy’s former girlfriend now.

Kloepfer Changed Her Name to Make Herself Initially ‘Not Findable

The movie says that today, Elizabeth Kloepfer and her daughter are living in Washington State.

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Elizabeth Kloepfer once told her own story in a book. That was back in 1981, though, and it was called, The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy. She wrote the book using a pseudonym, Elizabeth Kendall, and, according to Vanity Fair, later changed her name. The Extremely Wicked screenwriters understandably wanted to talk to her but, the magazine reports, filmmaker Joe Berlinger determined at first that she was “not findable.”

The book is out of print, Esquire reports, and, today, Berlinger told Esquire, “She was very ambivalent…She does not want the spotlight. For example, she didn’t want to come to Sundance. She doesn’t want to participate in the press. She wants to remain anonymous.” She hasn’t spoken publicly about Bundy since the book.

However, her friend, Marylynne Chino, who was with her when she first met Bundy in Seattle’s Sandpiper Bar, spoke in 2017 to Utah television station KUTV. Kloepfer eventually told Chino she had suspicions of Bundy after finding “women’s underwear there and the plaster of Paris,” Chino told KUTV.

“I’ve never forgotten this,” Chino said to the television station. “I walked in, and across the room, I saw Ted (Bundy) for the first time. I will never forget the look on his face, it wasn’t evil but he was staring nursing a beer.”

According to Biography.com, Kloepfer describes herself in the book “as a shy, insecure and lonely single mom, divorced, and struggling with alcoholism.” She was the daughter of a Utah doctor, according to Women’s Health.

“I handed Ted my life and said, ‘Here. Take care of me.’ He did in a lot of ways, but I became more and more dependent upon him. When I felt his love, I was on top of the world; when I felt nothing from Ted, I felt that I was nothing,” she wrote in the book, according to Biography.


10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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  1. Elizabeth Kloepfer and Ted Bundy were involved in a romantic relationship for almost 10 years; spanning the time of Bundy’s homicidal rampage
  2. He admitted to murdering 36 women, some estimate it could be as high as 100 
  3. He kidnapped,  sexually tortured, and mutilated his victims before strangling and bludgeoning them to death
  4. Bundy confessed to decapitating his victims and displaying their heads in his bedroom; he would often revisit their decaying bodies for sexual gratification
  5. Kloepfer and Bundy began dating in September 1968 and Bundy acted as a father-figure to Kloepfer’s young daughter while assimilating to domestic life      
  6. Kloepfer reported Bundy to the police after she recognized his likeness in a composite sketch
  7.  Bundy escaped jail twice before finally being captured in Florida after evading police for 47 days; he was sentenced to death and executed on January 24, 1989
  8. ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ starring Zac Efron and Lily Collins will focus on the perspective of Elizabeth Kloepfer. It will premiere this weekend
  9. Kloepfer published a memoir and dedicated it to her daughter about her relationship with Bundy ‘The Phantom Prince’ under the alias Elizabeth Kendall 
  10. Kloepfer has been out of the public eye for 40 years, choosing to live a private life

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