Eliza Talal (Dies in Tropical Storm Isaias) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, 5 Year old

Eliza Talal (Dies in Tropical Storm Isaias) Bio, Eliza Talal Wiki

According to the Towamencin Township Police Department, 5-year-old Eliza Talal of Pennsylvania was found dead on Wednesday about two miles from her home in Lansdale, located about 33 miles north of Philadelphia.
Eliza had autism and was nonverbal, and went missing early Tuesday afternoon during the peak of the storm, Towamencin Township Chief of Police Tim Dickinson said during a press conference.
Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Dicka’s investigation into the death continues, in partnership with the district’s detectives, but a bad game was not suspected.
It was reported that Eliza was missing when she discovered that her family left home without her knowledge and left. Authorities believe Eliza’s might have been swept as the stream behind her house filled with flood water.
“The search continued today, and unfortunately we had the worst results around 10:40 today,” said Dickinson, adding that Eliza’s body was found by a community member.
“Our prayers go to her family, who has suffered terrible harm,” he added. “It’s definitely not what we hoped for.”
In other parts of the region, at least eight people died as a result of the storm, four of which were due to falling tree branches in Maryland, Connecticut, New York City and USA Delaware, USA.
One of the victims was Mario Siles, 60, who died in New York when a tree fell on his car while sitting inside.
While one hurricane passed through North Carolina mobile home parks, two others were reported dead, while a third person in Pennsylvania died after their vehicle was flooded.
According to CNN, Isaias has left more than 3.1 million homes and businesses without power as of early Wednesday, primarily in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.
In Connecticut, Gov. Ned Lamont declared a state of emergency and said more than 720,000 residents could be without electricity for days.
“We’re doing everything we can to impress upon them the urgency,” Lamont said, according to the Hartford Courant. “I’ve got seniors at home with no electric or no energy, and I’ve got to make sure it’s not for a lack of manpower.”