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elisa leonida zamfirescu bio – Google Doodle Celebrates 131st Birthday

elisa leonida zamfirescu bio

elisa leonida zamfirescu bio: Today’s Google Doodle celebrated the 131st birthday of assay Leonida Zamfirescu, one among the primary ladies engineers within the world. Zamfirescu was the primary feminine member of the overall Association of Roumanian Engineers (AGIR) and ran laboratories for the Geologic Institute of Romania. She oversaw many economic studies that analysed Romania’s provider of natural resources like coal, shale, gas, chromium, mineral and copper. Her country honoured her by naming a street when her within the capital town of Bucharest in 1993.
However, assay Leonida Zamfirescu faced several obstacles on her road to pursue her education and career. Born within the Romanian port town of Galati, she graduated with high marks from the Central College of ladies in Bucharest and earned a baccalaureate from the Mihai Vieazul highschool. But, once she applied to the varsity of Highways and Bridges in Bucharest, she was rejected on the idea of her gender. girl engineers were virtually extraordinary that point, with Irish Alice Perry graduating simply six years before Zamfirescu to become the primary ever feminine engineer within the world.

Undeterred by rejection, assay Zamfirescu determined to seem elsewhere. She applied to the Royal Technical Academy in Germany and was accepted in 1909. Even there, she featured discrimination. She would be happier that specialize in Church, youngsters and preparation, a dean of the institute had aforementioned when she joined.

Three years on, a 1912 edition of Romania’s daily newspaper Minerva declared “The way forward for girls in engineering is nice.” assay Leonida Zamfirescu had cleared her exams and had done thus with nice success, the newspaper reported. Having persisted against the discrimination she featured, she had earned her degree in engineering.

Zamfirescu then came to Romania, wherever she worked as Associate in Nursing assistant at the earth science Institute of Romania. She joined the NGO throughout war one, throughout which period she met and married a chemist, Constantin Zamfirescu, with UN agency she had 2 daughters.

ELISA Leonida zamfirescu bio

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