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Elija Godwin Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, 10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Elija Godwin Wiki

Elija Godwin Wiki

University of Georgia sprinter Elija Godwin was impaled by a stationary javelin on Tuesday while completing a backwards sprint drill, according to a report by the Macon Telegraph. Godwin suffered a puncture wound “5 to 6 inches deep” and collapsed left lung and needed surgery to remove the javelin, according to a police report.

Elija Godwin Wiki

“It was truly an accident,” Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity said. “Nobody threw anything or anything like that.”

Said UGA men’s track coach Petros Kyprianou: “All is good. He will be having a quick recovery. He was injured yesterday as he backed up on a javelin.”

Elija Godwin Injury

The injury was caused when Godwin backed into the javelin on the infield as he “was engaged in a drill which required him to run backwards,” according to police who responded to the scene. The javelin had been “left on the ground at an angle” and Godwin was moving he backed into it. It was actually the rear part of the javelin that caused the injury, which resulted in “a large amount of blood in the grass” and Godwin “spitting blood from his mouth.”

Godwin, who is from Covington, Ga., suffered a puncture wound to the middle of his back and just below the shoulder blade, according to a UGA police report. Part of the javelin remained lodged in Godwin’s body after fire and rescue “ground off” the rest of it. Godwin was taken by ambulance to Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital where the remaining javelin was removed by doctors.

Elija Godwin Wiki

UGA released a statement Wednesday afternoon: “(Godwin) was injured when he backed into a stationary javelin that was resting implanted in the ground. He was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. He underwent surgery and is in stable condition.”

Elija Godwin Wiki

UGA Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson said a full recovery is expected. He also wanted to thank first responders and the doctors who attended to Godwin.

“We would like to express appreciation for all those who acted so quickly and efficiently in coming to the aid of Elija,” Courson said.  “Special thanks to our sports medicine staff, UGA Police Department, Athens-Clarke County Fire-Rescue, National EMS and Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.”

Elija Godwin javelin video

10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Elija Godwin suffered punctured and collapsed left lung when he impaled himself on a Javelin during running practice on Tuesday afternoon
  • First responders cut the javelin with an angle grinder while Godwin laid on the floor coughing up blood
  • As of Wednesday, Goodwin is said to be in a stable condition having undergone emergency to treat his injuries
  • The javelin pierced into the middle of Godwin’s back, just below his left shoulder blade, between five and six inches deep  
  • A Javelin Pierced His Lung & Embedded Itself in His Chest — but He is Expected to Make a Full Recovery
  • Godwin Could Be Back on the Track in 2020
  • Godwin’s Mother, Ginger Luby, Is an Office Manager at a Women’s Health Facility
  • Godwin Medaled at the USA Junior Outdoor Championships This Summer
  • Godwin Is a Dedicated Competitor Who Aspires to be ‘The People’s Champ’

Elija Godwin Wiki