Doctor Accuses American Airlines of RACISM: Dr. Tisha Rowe Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dr. Tisha Rowe Biography

Dr. Tisha Rowe Biography

Tisha Rowe a doctor from Houston, Texas, took to Twitter on Sunday, June 30, to reveal that she was ‘disgusted’ and ‘humiliated’ after she was asked to step off a plane for a ‘talk’ during which she was asked to ‘cover up’ for a flight from Kingston, Jamaica, to Miami, Florida.

Dr. Tisha Rowe Age

She is 37 Years old.

Why Dr. Tisha Rowe Removed from Flights

Speaking to Today Style, Tisha revealed the details of the incident. She said she was walking down the aisle to her seat, when a flight attendant looked at her and said: ‘We need to talk to you up front’.

‘There was something very concerning in (the attendant’s) expression, and I knew that something was wrong,’ she said.

Tisha was taken off the plane and stood in the jetway for the conversation, during which the flight attendant asked her to cover up her body.

‘She looked at me, and these are the parts that are hard to put into words, but she looked at me with the kind of the look that mean girls in high school give a girl that no one likes, like this look of disdain, this look of, “You’re nothing,” Tisha said.

‘And the first words out of her mouth were, “Do you have a jacket?”

American Airline Apology

American Airlines has apologized to a Texas doctor after she was temporarily removed from a plane over her romper outfit. Dr. Tisha Rowe was boarding a Miami-bound flight from Kingston, Jamaica, en route to Houston when a flight attendant told her to get off until she covered up, CBS affiliate KHOU reported.

Rowe told KHOU that she was traveling with her 8-year-son on June 30 when she was asked to step off the plane. Once off, she was told to cover up or she wouldn’t be allowed back on. After failing to change the crew’s mind, she asked for a blanket, wrapped it around herself and then walked down the plane’s aisle to her seat.

“I am, like, head down the whole time,” Rowe said Wednesday. “I don’t want to see anybody’s face. I’m embarrassed. I’m humiliated. I did not look up at even a single passenger.”

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Tisha Rowe, a doctor from Houston, Texas, was traveling with her eight-year-old son from Kingston, Jamaica, to Miami, Florida on Sunday, June 30
  • Before the flight took off, a flight attendant ordered her off the plane to have a ‘talk’ during which Tisha was asked to cover her ‘assets’ with a jacket or blanket  
  • Tisha, 37, said the incident left her feeling ‘humiliated’ and ‘disgusted’, and that her son was in tears during the flight 
  • She took to Twitter after the shocking incident to reveal what had happened 
  • American Airlines’ contract of carriage states that passengers must ‘dress appropriately’ and that ‘bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed’
  • However, it doesn’t go into detail about what is considered ‘appropriate’ to wear
  • A spokesperson for the airline has said that the company is treating the incident seriously and that it has tried to reach out to Tisha