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Dr. Kenneth Milner Biography

Dr. Kenneth Milner ran Aston Hall psychiatric hospital in Derbyshire from 1947 to the 1970s, which former patients described as “pure hell”.

Dr. Kenneth Milner Sexual Abuse History

More than 120 former child patients at a psychiatric hospital who suffered horrific sexual and physical abuse are set to receive a payout of millions of pounds.

Dozens of vulnerable children were taken to Aston Hall, Derbyshire, where they were stripped naked, put in straightjackets and injected with a ‘truth serum’ before many were raped and sexually abused, detectives have been told.

Police said there would have been “sufficient evidence” to pursue a case.

The vast majority of the allegations were made against Dr Milner, who died in 1975, and police said no inference should be drawn from the report other than the doctor would be questioned if he were here today.

Other staff members accused of physical abuse have either been eliminated from the inquiry, have died or were unable to be identified.

Allegations first came to light in 2011 then 2014 and 2015. No allegations of sexual abuse were identified in 2011 by police.

Police Investigation Reports

As well as the sexual abuse, the report found claims of patients being hit while trying to resist treatment, one having her head repeatedly forced underwater, and another having her hair repeatedly pulled to force her to take medication.

Aston Hall was opened in the 1920s for those deemed to have mental health problems. It could cater for about 100 children of both sexes but took adults as well.

Allegations centered on the use of sodium amytal as part of “narcoanalysis” – the uncovering of repressed traumatic memories.

Dr. Kenneth Milner Victims Payouts Millions

Now it can be revealed an agreement has been made with the victims and the Secretary of State for Health which means the compensation will run into millions of pounds.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care said: ‘This is an important milestone for everyone who was affected by these terrible events and we hope that all claims can be resolved as soon as possible.’

Dr. Milner’s ‘treatment’ included victims who were both boys and girls being laid down on a single mattress and had a mask put over their face.

Some were injected with sodium amytal, a powerful barbiturate which would have left patients immobile and semi-conscious.

They will receive a payout of at least £8,000 as a starting point if they were ‘experimented on’ with Dr Milner’s ‘treatment’.

It will increase for the many who were abused more than once.

It is thought the compensation will surpass that handed to victims of pedophile DJ Jimmy Savile.

The 52 victims, in that case, received £500,000 in total, an average of just £9,615 each.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • The victims were patients at Aston Hall, Derbyshire, when the attacks happened
  • Dr Kenneth Milner ran the hospital for 28 years with nearly 100 patients at a time
  • Each individual victim will receive a payout of at least £8,000 as a starting point