NASA scientist Died: Dr Angelo Grubisic Biography, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dr Angelo Grubisic Biography

Dr. Angelo Grubisic University of Southampton professor, British NASA scientist and wingsuit champion died in a base-jumping accident in Saudi Arabia years after starting a project to make the sport safer.

Dr Angelo Grubisic Age

He was 28 years old.

Dr Angelo Grubisic WORKED WITH NASA

He had previously worked on spacecraft propulsion for the European Space Agency and NASA – and in 2015 he set up the ‘Icarus Project’ which sought to design a world-record breaking wingsuit while improving safety.

The university described him as a specialist in the development and testing of advanced propulsion systems for spacecraft.

According to its website, “over the last eight years, Dr Grubisic has worked extensively with the European Space Agency and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the development of advanced propulsion technologies.”

He provided a “working industry engineering knowledge and methodologies”.

Dr Grubisic was also collaborating “closely with industry, including Surrey Satellite Technology Limited in the development of resistojet propulsion systems”.

Based in the engineering and physical sciences faculty at Southampton, he had been lecturing in Astronautics and Advanced Propulsion.

Dr Angelo Grubisic ICARUS PROJECT

Last year, the aerospace engineer told Ontario Tech University that his goal was straightforward – to try to fly faster, higher and farther than any human.

He told the institution that sometime in the next couple of years, he intended to make the highest-ever altitude jump by leaping from a plane more than 12km (40,000 feet) above the ground.

In the process, he was hoping to establish the highest speed travelled in a wingsuit (as fast as 400km per hour) and set a world record for the longest wingsuit flight (more than 10 minutes), despite a minus 100C wind chill.

Dr. Angelo Grubisic Death, Dr. Angelo Grubisic Cause of Death

Astronautical engineer Dr Angelo Grubisic, 38, lost his life while taking part in a planned jump in the Middle Eastern country on Tuesday, weeks after he was crowned a wingsuit champion by the British Parachute Association.


Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Dr Angelo Grubisic lost his life while taking part in a planned jump on Tuesday
  • Dr Grubisic, 38, lectured in astronautics at the University of Southampton 
  • ‘Phenomenally talented’ scientist became a British wingsuit champion in July
  • He started the ‘Icarus Project’ to design more safe and effective wingsuits 

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