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Houston Doctor Dies of COVID-19 at 28: Dr Adeline Fagan Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Dr Adeline Fagan

Houston Doctor Dies of COVID-19 at 28: Dr. Adeline Fagan Biography, Wiki, Age

Adeline Fagan, a 28-year-old Houston doctor, died on Saturday, September 19, after contracting COVID-19 in early July and spending the past few weeks in an intensive care unit, her family said. Fagan’s family had set up a GoFundMe page in August to raise money for her hospital bills, and her father confirmed her death in an update to the page.

He wrote: “Our beautiful daughter, sister, friend, doctor, Adeline Marie Fagan, MD passed away.” She explained that on Friday night, the Houston hospital informed them that Fagan had suffered a “massive brain hemorrhage.” He said:

The nurse came into her room for a routine task and noticed Adeline was not responsive. They immediately rushed her for a CT scan which showed the extent of the damage. The neurosurgeon said it was a ‘1 in a million’ chance she would even survive the procedure, but that Adeline would have several severe cognitive and sensory limitations if she did survive. … We spent the remaining minutes hugging, comforting, and talking to Adeline. And then the world stopped…

Her father, Brant Fagan, also thanked everyone who supported his daughter and donated to the fundraiser, which recently surpassed its goal of $ 150,000. She said: “We want to sincerely thank everyone who supported Adeline and us through this difficult time. They were all there cheering, praying and crying. The amount of good wishes and caring people humiliates us. Even in these darkest times, there are good people who are willing to share a part of themselves for the good of others. ”


Fagan was in Houston beginning the second year of his residency as an OB / GYN physician when he contracted COVID-19, his sister Maureen Fagan wrote on the fundraising page. She said Fagan was primarily helping deliver the babies, but also rotated through the ER, working a 12-hour shift treating COVID-19 patients. On the night of July 8, her sister wrote: “She started to feel bad. What started out as severe flu-like symptoms escalated within a week to a hospital stay. ”


Maureen Fagan also lived and worked in Houston, as a medical clerk in a doctor’s office, and the two sisters shared an apartment, Syracuse.com reported. After Adeline Fagan was hospitalized, her parents flew to Texas. “Since we are from Syracuse, NY, our parents have had to travel back and forth to be there for Adeline and continue to support our family. While our dad’s work can be done virtually, our mom’s cannot and therefore cannot work, “according to the GoFundMe page.


Fagan battled the virus for weeks, and doctors tried different respiratory therapies and various medications, his family said. Since none of these seemed to be working, her sister shared, Fagan agreed to undergo an experimental drug trial. “Before we could see if this new drug was effective, her lungs could no longer handle it,” wrote Maureen Fagan. Adeline Fagan was intubated on August 3 and placed on a ventilator.


The next day, because she was not responding well to the ventilator, her family said, Fagan was also put on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), a machine that pumps and oxygenates the blood to allow the heart and lungs to heal. In her father’s update after her death, she shared that bleeding can occur in COVID-19 patients who are on ECMO: “The doctor said they have seen this type of event in COVID patients who spend time with ECMO. The vascular system is also compromised by the virus, causing bleeding. ”


According to Syracuse.com, Fagan dreamed of being a doctor from a young age. She was born in Lafayette, New York, south of Syracuse, and attended Bishop Ludden High School, where she was elected class president and also played varsity lacrosse.


Her family said she was a great student, attending St. Joseph University in Philadelphia and then medical school in Buffalo. She also traveled during her medical school years, making three medical mission trips to Haiti. Maureen Fagan said, “She was a social butterfly who flourished by helping others.”


Her sister also told Syracuse.com that Fagan loved being a doctor, especially when delivering babies: “She always went to work with a smile on her face, even if she had a 12- or 16-hour day ahead of her.” .


On September 20, the CDC data tracker indicated that to date, 703 healthcare professionals had died from COVID-19.