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Who is Douglas Brian Jackway Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Douglas Brian Jackway Wiki – Douglas Brian Jackway Biography

Shocking details have emerged about a convicted pedophile who just got out of jail and threatened to kill a young girl she once raped during a grisly phone call with her sister.


Douglas Brian Jackway, 44, was released from Brisbane Prison on Tuesday after winning a review of his sentence after spending most of the past 25 years in jail.


She was transferred to the nearby Wacol Correctional Center accommodation area where sex offenders are housed.


Jackway spent three months of his adult life behind bars after attacking a 10-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl for the first time in the 1990s.


His threats against one of his young victims were revealed when Daniel Morcombe was being interrogated during his murder trial in 2011.


He was once considered the prime suspect in the disappearance of the schoolboy who was killed by the nature of his crimes.


Defense attorney Angus Edwards questioned Jackway about his long criminal history and questioned him about a historic rape conviction involving a nine or 10-year-old young girl.


He said that Jackway threatened to hurt the girl if he told someone what he was doing, according to Courier Mail.


The court heard that Jackway later threatened to kill the girl during a phone call with his sister from prison.


“He wants to pray that I never get out of jail,” he told the court.


I swear to you, if I get out of jail, he’ll be a dead bitch friend. I’ll shoot your bitch friend. ‘


Later, he was cleared of any involvement in Daniel’s murder, as the police shifted the focus to Brett Peter Cowan, who was jailed for the crime.


Cowan was found guilty of murder in March 2014 and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Jackway’s release comes despite the sex offender being described as a ‘biological psychopath’ and warnings that he may be ‘at high risk of re-offending’ without supervision.


During his time in prison, Jackway committed more than 113 violations, including acts of violence against other prisoners.


One such incident saw him assault another prisoner as recently as May of this year.


She was released on Tuesday, after six unsuccessful applications to appeal an indefinite prison sentence, which dates back to February 2012, under the sex offenders law.


He was transferred to the Wacol Correctional Center accommodation area where he is currently imprisoned with a 24-hour curfew and will be monitored 24-7 electronically.


Brisbane Supreme Court Judge Susan Brown said Jackway took a significant amount of time to ‘reach a point of maturity and develop methods of self-control over her emotions and behavior’ with the help of her rehabilitation programs and treatment.


“The risks of re-offending … are considered by psychiatrists to be moderate and low under the terms of a control order,” Judge Brown said in a court decision summarizing the reasons.


‘In all circumstances, the court was convinced that adequate protection of the community could be ensured by being released on a control warrant, and that a set of protective factors existed by Mr. ‘he added.


Due to ‘the complexity of his circumstances and his institutionalization after such a long prison sentence’ he will be subject to a 15-year probationary order.


In previous reviews, experts discovered that he had not yet reached a stage where he could manage his risk of drug and alcohol exposure and his violent and impulsive behavior.


The Attorney General opposed Jackway’s release.


“Despite the court’s decision, this person is not a free person,” said a Queensland Correction Service spokesperson.


Jackway cannot communicate with a child under the age of 16 and will be accompanied by corrective services staff if allowed to leave the area.


In last year’s investigation, he heard that he was identified as the main culprit in the attack of a prisoner for drug debt and verbally abused Queensland Health staff and a prison officer.


A prisoner claims to be the worst prisoner he has ever seen in his career.


“The consequences you can do outweigh anything,” he said.


I’ve known him since the 1990s. Without a doubt, he’s the worst sex offender I’ve ever seen. He’s the worst of the worst, top 10 in Australia, easy.


He’s just a hunter. You have pedophiles. But he is a fierce pedophile. This makes it very dangerous. ‘


The news of Jackway’s release was met with horror by Jack’s father, Bruce Morcombe.


“He is definitely the worst of the worst,” Mr. Morcombe told Courier Mail.

‘He is not a groomer of young people – he’s not a paedophile that grooms kids – he is one of the most violent pedophiles in Australia.

‘He is a very violent person and truly was capable of anything. I hope he has rehabilitated today.

‘We all hold our breath and hope no further carnage happens.’