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Who is Donald Fear Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Donald Fear Wiki – Donald Fear Biography

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire The first prize winner in 14 years has retired from teaching today so he can start a ‘brand new episode and a brand new life’.


The 57-year-old Donald Fear went the full distance on the game show, answering almost every question without the slightest hesitation in just 20 minutes in September.


The father of four, married to his wife Debrah, who has been a nurse for 33 years, is the sixth champion in the 22-year history of the ITV program.


Mr. Fear had planned to retire from Jeremy Corbyn’s old school history teacher job in 2022, but after his victory he decided to put forward his plans.


The day after joining the recorded show, he handed his notification and said, ‘Rules do you have to go at the end of the term, but I will never investigate the possibility of not coming back. everything’.


Mr. Fear, who taught for 33 years, received the seven-figure prize after correctly answering a question about the death of a famous pirate in 1718.


“I’ve had a long career, I’ve worked with very good people, and I was struck by how many people fell this week to wish me well,” he told the BBC. Said.


Mr. Fear is planning to travel with his wife after retirement, and the couple has already ordered a caravan for the times of the pandemic.


He also hopes to spend more time with his four children and grandchildren.


I was incredibly lucky to be born into the family that supports me and has had my whole life, ” he added. I was lucky to win, but the real bonus was my family.


Mr. Fear had previously announced that he was planning to give at least 70 percent of his earnings to family members and spend the rest on a ‘comfortable retirement’.


Speaking to The Mirror, he said: ‘To be honest, if I had a million pounds, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how I would spend it. For example, I can buy an Aston Martin but I can get in but never get rid of it. I’m fat!


The only other thing you can spend this money on is moving a house, but I’m very happy with our home.


‘It’s in a beautiful area and we’ve been there for 27 years and we have lovely neighbors, so why move elsewhere? That’s why I prefer to keep the money and give it to people I love.


It is the only purchase caravan on the horizon. Something might happen to me and I could spend money on small, trivial things for England. ‘


His older brother Davyth was also a contender for the program last year – but he fell at the last hurdle and walked away with £ 500,000 on September 1.


But as a history buff, Mr. Fear knew the answer to the question – which pirate died in 1718 at war off the coast of what is now North Carolina? – instantly.


“The first thing I noticed was that there was a date there… then a microsecond later I saw it was 1718,” he said. Then the synapses said, “It must be Blackbeard.” That was the only thing that could happen. I’m a date man.


The day after his victory in the recorded show, Mr. Fear gave his declaration as head of history at the Adams grammar school attended by the former Labor leader of Haberdashers.


He saw his school year, but will now begin his retirement two years earlier than planned.


‘I resigned the day after the show, according to the rules you have to go at the end of the semester, but I would never investigate the possibility of not returning,’ he said.


How unfair would it be to my A-level students? Great people and that would totally disappoint them.


I said that I will do this semester and make sure my 13th grade students don’t miss out in any shape or form.

‘And I’ll make sure the twelves are launched. It never crossed my mind to not to come back at all.’

Following his victory, Mr Fear said he went on holiday to Whitley Bay in a caravan the next day.

‘We went to an Italian restaurant and lashed out on a bottle of prosecco in the restaurant,’ he said.

When asked if his pupils had a nickname for him, Mr Fear said: ‘None that I know of, though I bet I might be called various things behind my back. I am unmercifully teased by my Politics students who think they know my political leanings!’

So can you answer the 15 questions that earned him a fortune? 

1 (£100) Q:In the UK, the abbreviation NHS stands for National ‘what’ Service?

Humanity / Health / Honour / Household

2 (£200) Q: Which Disney character famously leaves a glass slipper behind at a royal ball?

Pocahontas / Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella / Elsa

3 (£300) Q:What name is given to the revolving belt machinery in an airport that delivers checked luggage from the plane to baggage reclaim?

Hangar / Terminal / Concourse / Carousel

4 (£500) Q: Which of these brands was chiefly associated with the manufacture of household locks?

Phillips / Flymo / Chubb / Ronseal

5 (£1K) Q: The hammer and sickle is one of the most recognisable symbols of which political ideology?

Republicanism / Communism / Conservatism / Liberalism

6 (£2K) Q: Which toys have been marketed with the phrase ‘Robots in Disguise’?

Bratz Dolls / Sylvanian Families / Hatchimals / Transformers

7 (£4K) Q: What does the word ‘loquacious’ mean?

Angry / Chatty / Beautiful / Shy

8 (£8K) Q: Obstetrics is a branch of medicine particularly concerned with what?

Childbirth / Broken bones / Heart conditions / Old age

9 (£16K) Q: In ‘Doctor Who’, what was the signature look of the fourth Doctor, as portrayed by Tom Baker?

Bow-tie, braces & tweed jacket / Wide-brimmed hat & extra long scarf / Pinstripe suit & trainers / Cape, velvet jacket & frilly shirt

10 (£32K) Q: Which of these religious observances lasts for the shortest period of time during the calendar year?

Ramadan / Diwali / Lent / Hanukkah

11 (£64K) Q: At the closest point, which island group is only|50 miles south-east of the coast of Florida?

Bahamas / US Virgin Islands / Turks and Caicos Islands / Bermuda

12 (£125K) Q: Construction of which of these famous landmarks was complete
d first?

Empire State Building / Royal Albert Hall / Eiffel Tower / ‘Big Ben’ Clock Tower

13 (£250K) Q: Which of these cetaceans is classified as a ‘toothed whale’?

Gray whale / Minke whale / Sperm whale / Humpback whale

14 (£500K) Q: Who is the only British politician to have held all four ‘Great Offices of State’ at some point during their career?

David Lloyd George / Harold Wilson / James Callaghan / John Major

15 (£1M) Q: In 1718, which pirate died in battle off the coast of what is now North Carolina?

Calico Jack / Blackbeard / Bartholomew Roberts / Captain Kidd

1: B, Health

2: C, Cinderella

3: D, Carousel

4: C, Chubb

5: B, Communism

6: D, Transformers

7: B, Chatty

8: A, Childbirth

9: B, Wide-brimmed hat & extra long scarf

10: B, Diwali

11: A, Bahamas

12: D, ‘Ben’ Clock Tower

13: C, Sperm whale

14: C, James Callaghan

15: B, Blackbeard

Judith Keppel – November 2000

Judith is to date UK Millionaire’s only female winner, and made history when she was the first contestant to scoop the top prize.

She went onto return to the show in 2003 for a winners special and with the help of David Seaman won £32,000 for charity.

David Edwards – April 2001

Former physics teacher David Edwards stunned viewers when he reached the coveted final question.

He also appeared on a winners special with Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, winning £32,000 for charity.

Robert Brydges – September 2001

Robert – a former banker – appeared on Millionaire just 11 days after Charles Ingram’s infamous stint, and had even been sat in Winners Row while the show was being filmed.

He reached the final question with relative ease, and with the help of a 50:50 received the famous seven-figure cheque.

Pat Gibson – April 2004

Pat Gibson scooped the top prize in April 2004

Pat proved to be one of Millionaire’s best-equipped contestants by the time he reached the £1 million question, as he still had two lifelines to use.

With the help of a 50:50 and Phone-A-Friend, he was crowned winner, and is now a regular in the world of professional quizzing and on BBC’s Eggheads

Ingram Wilcox – September 2006

Ingram was the most recent contestant to win Millionaire, and shared his winnings among his five children.

The retired civil servant from Bath moved into a new home in France a year after appearing on the show.