Don Cash Biography

Utah Man Dies on Everest: Don Cash Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Cause of Death

Don Cash Biography

Don Cash, 55, was a Utah resident and passionate climber who had left his job to join the “Seven Summits Club.”

Don CashChildren’s Statement

Cash’s children said their father knew he was on a risky mission. On a previous climb, he lost fingers to frostbite. Still, he was determined to reach all seven summits.

Don Cash Biography

“He taught us that nothing was impossible,” Brandalin Cash, his daughter, told NBC affiliate KSL-TV, adding that Everest was a “big finishing aspect of his dreams.”

Don Cash Hillary

Cash made it to the top of Everest, completing his life’s dream, but collapsed on the descent on a portion of the trail called the Hillary Step.

Don Cash Biography

Don Cash Cause of Death

The exact cause of Cash’s death is unclear, but his family thinks he had a heart attack while descending from the peak of the world’s tallest mountain. His family said Sherpas, mountain guides on Everest, tried to perform CPR and give him oxygen, but he died as he was transported back to camp.

He Lost Some Fingers, Toes and Almost Lost His Nose on a Previous Climb

While climbing Denali in Alaska back in May 2018, Don suffered frostbite on his fingers and nose. He ended up losing the tips on three of his fingers, two toes, and needed surgery on the tip of his nose to replace the skin and cartilage.

Don Cash Biography

Don Cash was undeterred from the incident and made a necklace out of his lost fingers.

According to Don, he put his lost fingers in formaldehyde and put them in a dehydrator then preserved them with shellac. Despite his injuries, he went on to climb Mt. Vinson-Massif in Antarctica and Mt. Everest.

He Joined The “Seven Summits Club” Before Passing Away

Don Cash Biography

Mount Everest was the last summit Don had to climb to reach his goal of the “Seven Summits Club”. Don actually reached the summit before collapsing and passing away. He achieved his goal and is now a member of the club.

Don Cash Is Survived by His 4 Kids and 3 Grandchildren

Don was happily married to his wife Monette and he is survived by his 4 children (who were all married) and his 3 grandchildren. His family all lived in Utah.


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