Missouri Walmart Suspect Shooter Arrested: Dmitriy Andreychenko Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife (Angelica), Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dmitriy Andreychenko Bio

Dmitriy Andreychenko Bio

Dmitriy Andreychenko is a 20-year-old man from Portland. He has been arrested for making a terrorist threat after wielding an assault rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition while filming himself entering a Missouri Walmart on Thursday afternoon.

Dmitriy Andreychenko Age

He is 20 years old.

Dmitriy Andreychenko Background

According to his Facebook, he is from Springfield, Missouri but his hometown is Portland, Oregon. Work He lists himself as self-employed in a company named Roadway Express LLC as from May 8th, 2018 to date.

Dmitriy Andreychenko Education

Dmitriy went to Gresham High School in Gresham, Oregon and later joined Ozarks Technical Community College for a course as an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in Springfield, Missouri.

Dmitriy Andreychenko FamilyWife

Dmitriy was married to Angelica and his wife Angelica states she is expecting ‘Baby Chenko’ in January 2020. Her profile states she has been married to the suspect since May 2016.

Dmitriy Andreychenko Facebook Post

In a February Facebook status update Andreychenko wrote: ‘It’s official. I hate Walmart. Apparently they won’t sell Rifle and shotgun ammo if your under 21. “New policy” However I can walk into the store with a loaded .40 and nobody says anything. What a joke.’

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Dmitriy Andreychenko Missouri Walmart Active Shooter Scare

On August 9th, 2019 in the morning hours, Police were called about a possible active shooter at Missouri Walmart. Springfield police Lt. Mike Lucas said, The store manager pulled a fire alarm and told people to evacuate,

“He walked in here, heavily armed with body armor on, in military fatigues, and caused a great amount of panic inside the store,” Lucas said about the incident that came days after mass shootings at an El Paso Walmart and an Ohio entertainment district that left more than 30 people dead. “… Obviously, what’s happened in Texas and Dayton and all that kind of stuff in the last seven days — that’s on everybody’s minds.”

It was not clear what motivated the person in custody to enter the Springfield store.

Dmitriy Andreychenko Arrested

Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, was arrested at a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri after he turned up to the store carrying an assault rifle, gun and carrying 100 rounds of ammunition. Police said he was armed but no shots were fired. He was arrested for making a terrorist threat

Walmart said in a statement that “the behavior of a customer was concerning to those inside our store and out of caution, law enforcement was contacted.”

When police arrived, there were “a lot of people hiding outside” behind barriers and businesses in a scene that “was pretty chaotic for a couple of minutes,” the police Lt. Mike Lucas said.

“His intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business here,” Lucas said. “In fact, he’s lucky he’s alive still, to be honest.”

Police praised the firefighter’s actions amid the chaos and panic created by the armed man.

Missouri Walmart Left Terrified

A customer at the Missouri Walmart, Tammy Lea told KYTV that she was in the checkout line when she saw people running from the store, “screaming there was a gunman in the store, a shooter in the store.”

“I am still shaking. It is just terrifying,” she told the station. Another customer, Julie Belew told NBC News in a phone interview that she had parked and was about to get out of her car and go into the store when she heard someone yell, “Is that a real rifle?” She said she then saw a man with his hands up.

Belew said that the first thing that came to her mind was Saturday’s deadly shooting at the El Paso Walmart.

Police Investigation Report

On the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019, Springfield Police Officers arrested 20-year-old (DOB: 09/29/1998) Dmitriy N. Andreychenko for 1st degree making a terrorist threat.

The case is currently under review by the Greene County Prosecutor. Once formal charges are filed by the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office more detailed information will be released.

Thank you to members of the media and the community of Springfield for your patience as this investigation continues.

Carrying of Firearms is Legal In Missouri

The open carrying of firearms is legal in Missouri, as long as the weapon is not displayed in a threatening manner, according to the National Rifle Association’s website.

Dmitriy Andreychenko Facebook

Dmitriy Andreychenko Instagram, Twitter

Dmitriy Andreychenko Instagram account was removed and twitter account not found.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Springfield police said ‘an armed individual was arrested’ for making a terrorist threat but no shots were fired
  • They were called to the store in Springfield, Missouri on Thursday afternoon
  • Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, was held at gunpoint by an off-duty firefighter until police arrived  after he was seen walking around wearing a bullet-proof vest
  • Lt. Mike Lucas said panicked shoppers fled the area and the scene was ‘chaotic’ 
  • Police said the man was recording himself using his phone while pushing a cart
  • Days ago he shared footage of himself firing an Anderson Arms AR-15 5.56 
  • In February he posted on Facebook: ‘It’s official. I hate Walmart. Apparently they won’t sell Rifle and shotgun ammo if your under 21’
  • He added in the post: ‘“New policy” However I can walk into the store with a loaded .40 and nobody says anything. What a joke’ 
  • Cops said about the stunt he pulled: ‘He’s lucky he’s alive still, to be honest’