What You Don’t Know About Tallulah Willis’s Fiancé: Dillon Buss Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Who is Dillon Buss?

Dillon Buss is the fiancé of Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Bruce Wilis and Demi Moore, who could hardly contain her excitement after boyfriend Buss got down one knee and popped the question, recently. After accepting his proposal, she jumped into her arms and sealed the deal with a deep kiss.

Tallulah announced the amazing news on Instagram on Tuesday, May 4, after getting engaged to her beau of one year, Dillon.

How old is Dillon Buss?

Born on October 3, 1988, Dillon Buss is 32 years old as of the year 2021. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Dillon Buss Wikipedia

Dillon, who is a filmmaker, dated Tallulah for approximately a year before he popped the question. According to his IMDB profile, he is known for his work on Motion for Action (2012), The Box (2011) and A Week Off: An Even Better movie (2013).

On his website, Dillon says that he is a “student of art” and goes on to explain: “His filmmaking has evolved over the years to include a unique blend of authenticity, eccentricity and humor. The result is a fast-cutting, eye-peeling, heart-warming film that will leave you smiling.”

“No matter the project, Dillon brings the same vision and creative energy that has gained his work 3 Vimeo staff picks.”.

It adds that Dillon “is a music enthusiast and an avid ping-pong player. Dillon is always in motion. He travels by plane, train, rickshaw, or skateboard. Wherever you may catch him – a gallery show, fashion shoot, skate spot, or beach fire – he will be armed with a camera and will greet you with a giant smile”

Dillon Buss Parents, Family

Dillon’s parents, Steve and Patti Lynch Buss, seem to keep a low profile. They don’t post about their personal lives on social media, but it’s clear where he gets his artistic vision from. According to her Facebook, Patti was a teacher for more than 30 years. But after she retired, she started a new career as an artist.

Dillon may have his parents to thank for his success.

His mother is an artist and his father was the one who first introduced him to something he’s loved for years: skateboarding.

Tallulah Willis Dillon Buss Engagement

Mr. Buss posted a sweet snap of himself and his bride-to-be cuddling up to one another as he celebrated the engagement on his own Instagram page. “I can finally call you my fiancé. Love you forever Buuski Lu, you are my best friend #maythefourthbewithus,” he wrote in his caption. There was also a few pictures of Tallulah flaunting the ring, and one of them also showed her obscuring her face behind a bouquet.

The 27-year-old posted an adorable series of snaps, probably clicked by a hidden photographer of her accepting his proposal.

Tallulah gleefully clapped her hands to her face in the first snap, then leaned down and affectionately held his face.

Tallulah Willis Engaged

Shortly after sharing the string of pictures, she uploaded a brief video that had a close-up view of her engagement ring that appeared to have a yellow diamond. “HANDS STILL SHAKIN’ — MOMS SPAGHETTI — I’m FIANCÉNCHED,” Tallulah exclaimed in the caption of the video. One person jokingly commented, “Shaking under the weight of those karats” and another said, “Congratulations Tallulah and @dillonbuss you both are such beautiful souls!”

“What a gift it is that you found each other !! sending you both the most love !”

Tallulah Willis and Dillon Buss

The couple was already so close that they spent the spring 2020 lockdown at Tallulah’s childhood home in Hailey, Idaho. Dillon had already been accepted as part of the family and even made a few appearances in the photos posted by Demi Moore.

Last August, Tallulah wrote how Dillon made her experience new levels of gratitude while she was having a tough day. She explained that she was having ‘flare-ups’ of body dysmorphia, disassociation, and obsessive-compulsive disorder on that particular day.

“I texted my partner I was having an off day and needed some alone time, he told me he understood and was here to hold whatever space he could,” she wrote. “Forty minutes later, the door creaked open and there he was with a picnic basket carrying my favorite snacks and drinkies.”

Tallulah Willis Instagram

Tallulah’s sisters, Scout, 29, and Rumer, 32, also shared the exciting news on their respective social media accounts saying that they were thrilled for a newly engaged couple. Scout uploaded an album that featured a picture of the three sisters sitting outside together in their swimsuits.

“I’m so buoyed by this JOYOUS LOVE CELEBRATION!!!! HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!” Scout wrote.

Rumer also warmly uploaded a picture that showed Tallulah smiling mischievously at the camera from over her engagement ring.

‘My Liddo engaged elf,’ Rumer said in the photo’s caption. She also uploaded an array of other engagement pictures and wrote, “I love these crazy kids. Congratulations @dillonbuss and @buuski I love you both so immensely and I am so excited for you.”

Dillon Buss Instagram

In his Instagram bio, it says that Dillon is an LA-based film director who “has a knack for Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Set Design.”

Dillon Buss Net Worth

It’s estimated that Dillon’s net worth is somewhere between $300,000 to $1 million. Because of the kind of work he does, he doesn’t have a steady salary. But between his various projects and skateboarding sponsorships, he seems to do pretty well for himself.

Dillon seems to have been quarantining with Tallulah, her family, and her sister’s partners recently. Although it might seem awkward living with your divorced parents, Tallulah’s sister Scout Willis told The Dopey Podcast that she’s liked the arrangement so far.

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