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Who is Dilhan Eryurt (Turkish astrophysicist) Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Dilhan Eryurt (Turkish astrophysicist) Wiki – Dilhan Eryurt (Turkish astrophysicist) Biography

It’s the 51st anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Google Doodle program is celebrating by commemorating the scientific legacy of Turkish astrophysicist Dilhan Eryurt.
The picture sees Eryurt, who died in 2012, staring at stars and planets, the origins of which she helped uncover for Nasa in the 1960s.

Born in western Turkey in 1926, Eryurt graduated with a degree in mathematics and astrophysics from Istanbul University shortly after the end of the Second World War, before moving to Canada in 1959 to work for the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Eryurt lived from 1926 to 2012, studied in Turkey, and worked at, among other institutions, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and the University of California, according to a brief biography compiled by a group of astrophysicists.
She began working at Nasa in Washington DC two years later and stayed for 12 years, reportedly as the only female astronomer at the space agency for much of the time.
Collaborating with Alastair GW Cameron, co-founder of nuclear astrophysics, Eryurt worked on the conditions for the evolution of stars, especially the formation of one.
Eryurt’s research focused on stellar solar astrophysics, especially the main sequence stars such as our sun. You can read some of his publications here.
Eryurt then it passed to the Ankara University in 1973 before returning to Turkey and Ankara’s Middle East Technical University astrophysics department was established.
In Google Doodle, Eryurt shows a star-filled sky, as well as several planetary bodies, including the moon, and a Saturn V rocket that nods at NASA each time during the Apollo program.
According to an article describing the history of astronomy in Turkey in the late 1970s, she was one of a group of scientists that encourages the Turkish government to establish a national observatory.
The project broke ground in 1991 and made its first observations in 1997
She rose to become Dean of the science literature department at the university before retiring in 1993.
Eryurt died in her home city of Ankara in 2012, aged 85.