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Who is Dieter Rausch Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Dieter Rausch Wiki – Dieter Rausch Biography

Dieter Rausch is the husband to Linda Trip, a former U.S. civil servant who played a prominent role in the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal of 1998. Linda Trip died on April 8th, the New York Post and Daily Mail reported. She was 70 years old. Tripp was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer days ago. She had been admitted to the hospital with stomach pains.
Dieter Rausch and Linda Tripp were trying to sell their $3 million farm when she gave a 2015 Daily Mail interview. According to Daily Mail, Tripp and her husband ran a store called “The Christmas Sleigh, in Middleburg,” and she was a grandmother of seven.

Linda Trip married Dieter Rausch back in 2004. The couples are the founders of a holiday gift store in Middleburg called the Christmas Sleigh, which sells holiday items ranging from baked goods and calendars to Sugar Plum fairy figurines.

Their background story on the gift shop website reveals that their story goes all the way back fifty-seven years to when a nine-year-old boy met Linda, the visiting granddaughter of his parents’ neighbor. He built for her a lovely decorated wooden box lined in navy velvet “to hold all the letters I will write to you while you are away.” They corresponded and visited over many more summers and then stayed in touch as adults independently pursuing their careers.

Tripp’s first kiss at age 14 was with her Dieter Rausch. He helped her through a bout with breast cancer, and together they opened.

Who is Dieter Rausch

“Dieter Rausch, the dapper gentleman behind The Christmas Sleigh shop in the heart of Middleburg, will capture a piece of your heart with his kind smile and warm welcome. Spend a few minutes in conversation with him, and you can easily see why he is a beloved member of our community,” Middleburg Life wrote.

Dieter Rausch Shop

According to its website, The Christmas Sleigh sells German Christmas ornaments. The website labels the store “America’s best 100% authentic German shop” and says it’s been open for 17 years. The store also sells handmade Austrian clothing.
“The Christmas Sleigh carries a wide variety of high quality and hand made European items. Many of our products are not as yet on our web site and we add to our inventory virtually every day. Our frequent buying trips to Germany, Austria and Italy during the year help ensure that we can usually locate whatever it is you are looking for as long as it is still being made!” the website reads.
According to Inside Nova, Rausch “prides himself in only selecting the finest German goods,” and the store carries German items and antiques too. He is involved in making the decorations and created ornaments for the local Christmas parade. He also made fox nutcrackers.
Dieter Rausch

Dieter Rausch Wife Linda Tripp Death

Tripp’s husband and daughter were at her side in the hospital when she died, according to Daily Mail.
Earlier in the day, TMZ reported that Tripp was near death, quoting her daughter as saying on Facebook: “My mommy is leaving this earth. I don’t know myself if I can survive this heartache.” Allison Tripp Foley asked for prayers for “a painless process for the strongest woman I will ever know in my entire lifetime.”
For her part, Lewinsky wrote on Twitter, “no matter the past, upon hearing that linda tripp is very seriously ill, i hope for her recovery. i can’t imagine how difficult this is for her family.”
At the time of the Clinton scandal, Linda Tripp was a civil servant working for the Pentagon. Since the scandal, Tripp stayed largely out of the public eye.