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Diana Ploss, a New Hampshire radio host, filmed herself harassing a group of Nashua landscaping workers because she heard them speaking Spanish to one another.
Diana Ploss Video
“Are you speaking English?” Ploss yelled at the workers. “It is America. English. English. English. Is anybody here illegal?”
When confronted by a man about the harassment, Ploss grilled him: “They should be speaking English. Are they illegal aliens? Do they not speak the language? Why do you care? I’m not talking to you.”
“Because you’re harassing them,” the man replied before Ploss questioned him about why he was wearing a mask.
“Because there’s a global pandemic going on,” the man replied.
“Okay, so this guy decided he’s gonna come over here and be a social justice warrior,” Ploss said. “Because he’s a black man. He’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman … white privilege, because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all of these guys doing this work, in Spanish.
Ploss has a radio show on WSMN Nashua. There is a petition for her to be removed from their lineup.

Diana Ploss Instagram

Self-proclaimed Talk-Radio Personality and Maga Activist Dianna Ploss were on her way to the studio as she heard a caucasian construction worker speaking Spanish to other Hispanic workers. This upset Dianna so she quickly whipped out her phone and took to Facebook Live to stream her confronting the workers.

Dianna Ploss has since deleted the video of her confronting the Hispanic workers for speaking Spanish (see previous post), but she finally breaks her silence in a Facebook post she posted 3 hours ago claiming that she will NOT back down.

Her loyal “fans” are continuing to stand by her despite the backlash (See the attached comment)

WSMN Broadcasting has released a statement that they are cutting ties with Dianna Ploss due to her discriminatory actions (see previous posts).