De’Von Bailey Shot Dead Fotage: De’Von Bailey Bio, Wiki, Age, Video Fast Facts You Need to Know

De’Von Bailey Bio

De’Von Bailey was a black man who was running from Colorado police officers died after being shot three times in the back and once in the arm, an autopsy report revealed.

De’Von Bailey Age

He was 19 years old.

De’Von Bailey Deth

His death came as law enforcement agencies across the country are under scrutiny for the killing of black men.

It has prompted several protests in Colorado Springs, including one heated rally that ended when police arrested two bail bondsmen who they said arrived on motorcycles and drew guns after a scuffle with protesters.

Police Investigation Reports

The El Paso Country Coroner’s report reveals that Bailey was shot three times in the left lower back and once in the lower right arm.

‘The wounds collectively perforated the heart, left lung, diaphragm, and penetrated the spleen, resulting in massive blood loss and his subsequent death,’ the report, which was released by attorney for Bailey’s family, reads.

In the report, the coroner writes that the three back gunshot wounds did not have exit wounds but the right arm wound did.

De’Von Bailey  Video

The footage shows officers talking to Bailey and another man in a neighborhood about an armed robbery that was reported nearby.

Put your hands up for me a sec,’ says an office identified as Sgt Alan Van’t Land.

‘So, we got a report of two people of similar descriptions, possibly having a gun, all right. So don’t reach for your waist. We’re just going to make sure you don’t have a weapon, alright?’

As he is about to be searched by a second officer, Bailey runs away and is seen with his hands near his waistband.

The officer can be heard yelling ‘hands up!’ three times before firing multiple times.

Bailey is then seen falling to the cement and propping himself up on his left hand as he raises his right hand in the air.

‘He’s got a gun in his pants,’ one officer says.

Another officer adds: ‘I can’t get to it. Hold on. I’m cutting the pants off. Stay with me brother.’

Officers handcuffed Bailey and used a knife to retrieve what appears to be a gun concealed between his legs.

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Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • An autopsy report was released on Thursday that revealed Colorado Springs officers shot De’Von Bailey three times in the back and once in the right arm
  • The gunshot wounds perforated ‘the heart, left lung, diaphragm, and penetrated the spleen’ according to the report
  • It was released the same day as bodycam footage that shows officers talking to Bailey, 19, and another man
  • One cop tells the men they are about to be searched for a gun when Bailey runs
  • Officer can be heard yelling ‘hands up!’ three times before firing multiple times 
  • The video shows police finding a gun in Bailey’s shorts after he falls to ground