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Destiny Waite Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Destiny Waite Bio, Destiny Waite Wiki

Destiny Waite is the Connecticut woman accused of throwing a flaming hand sanitizer bottle at her girlfriend and sparking a massive fire in the apartment building, which caused the death of one person and injured several others.

Investigators with the Major Crimes Divisions identified Waite as a person of interest in the hours after the fire. She was interviewed at the Hartford Police Department and arrested.

Destiny Waite Age

She is 28 years old.

Destiny Waite Arrested

Police said they arrested 28-year-old Destiny Waite of Hartford for the fire at the Charter Oak Apartments.
During a press conference, police said a domestic verbal and physical altercation ensued between Waite and her girlfriend in their apartment. The altercation started after Waite allegedly lit a bottle of hand sanitizer on fire and threw it at her girlfriend.
“[Waite] has told police she hasn’t been in the house for a number of days prior to the fire started. It’s our position that it’s the victim who caused harm to herself,” said Joseph Elder, Waite’s attorney.

Throwing a Flaming Hand Sanitizer Bottle

The fire started at 39 Charter Oak Place in Hartford, Connecticut, early in the morning on March 8, 2020. Waite was quickly identified as a person of interest and faces charges that include arson and murder. But her attorney has insisted Waite is innocent and is being framed for a crime she did not commit.
The fire started at 39 Charter Oak Place around 1:22 A.M. on March 8, 2020. Hartford law enforcement officials explained during a news conference that dispatchers received more than 16 emergency calls about the fire.
Over the past 24 hours, investigators said they’ve been working to determine the origin, cause and method of the fire.
Waite was identified early on as a person of interest.
She was found in the Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford several hours after escaping the fire unharmed, police said.
Two firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling the fire.

Fire Victims

The person who died was identified as 50-year-old Jerome Kyser. The medical examiner’s office Kyser died of smoke inhalation and the manner was a homicide.

Waite and Kyser did not live in the same unit and police don’t believe they knew each other.
Police said four other people, two adults, and two children, were brought to the hospital in critical condition. They have since been stabilized.
Two adults and two children were hospitalized with critical injuries but all have since stabilized, police said. Several other people suffered more minor injuries. The fire forced as many as 60 families out of their homes.
Sixty families were forced out of the five-story apartment building on Sunday morning.
At least 30 people needed to be taken to a hospital.


Investigators said the fire started in the second floor of the five-story building and spread quickly. First responders reported the building, which included more than 68 apartment units, was filled with smoke and flames were shooting out of the windows. Fire Chief Reginald Freeman explained residents were seen hanging out of windows waiting to be rescued. Firefighters rescued more than 40 people from the building.
Officials said the fire was difficult to control due to the intense heat. Emergency responders cut a hole in the roof in an attempt to cool the building and gain access to hard-to-reach areas. It took firefighters more than three hours to douse the flames.
Investigators explained during the March 9 news conference they were confident the fire started on the second floor of the building and that a flaming hand sanitizer bottle had been the source.
Police said Destiny Waite was involved in a “domestic verbal and physical altercation” with her girlfriend that night. The other woman, whose name was not released, told investigators Waite threw a hand sanitizer bottle at her after lighting it on fire.
She claimed Waite yelled, “I hope you die” after throwing the bottle, according to an arrest warrant cited by the Hartford Courant. Waite had been living with her girlfriend and the woman’s mother, the newspaper reported.

Destiny Waite Charges

Destiny Waite faces several felony charges in connection to the deadly fire. According to the State of Connecticut judicial branch website, prosecutors are charging Waite with first-degree arson, attempt to commit murder, and four counts of first-degree assault. The State’s Attorney’s office says Waite will also be charged with felony murder, NBC Connecticut reported.
Inmate records from the Connecticut State Department of Correction show Waite’s bail was set at $1 million bond. She remains behind bars as of this writing. A court date was scheduled for March 24.
The attempted murder charge was related to her girlfriend’s claim that she threw the flaming hand sanitizer bottle at her. The assault charges were connected to the four victims who suffered critical injuries.