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Who is Denise Simonu ( Viral Video) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Denise Simonu ( Viral Video) Wiki – Denise Simonu ( Viral Video) Biography

Denise Simonu from Montpelier, VT has been identified as the ‘Vermont Karen’ seen in a viral video launching a racist tirade against Black Lives Matter demonstrators at a rally supporting the law enforcement in Vermont held on Saturday, July 25th, 2020.
The video which is being widely circulated on social media was first shared on Twitter, shows a white woman wearing a pink t-shirt with “VERMONT” written across it, telling demonstrators “Black lives don’t matter at all to me! White lives matter.”

Denise Simonu Spoils African Americans’ Free Thing For Years
Denise Simonu complains about the African American community getting everything free and how she has been pampered for several years. “You guys liberate everything. Free f ** king everything. Blacks have been coding for years, ”he shouts to the crowd.
Denise later claims that black people receive free university education. “Free college. Release everything. Your test scores are higher. Everything can be heard by saying. “It’s still not enough and it will never happen. The woman then pointed out the anti-BLM protest sign, “Black lives are not important to me!”
The cardboard sign he saw in the video says “God Bless Us” on one side and “BLM = Terrorist Organization” on the other. One of the protesters can be heard as follows: “So you say you’re a white supremacist? That’s what I’m hearing. ” “Nice to meet you, Karen,” he says before the video ends.
“Vermont Law Enforcement Support Rally” was held on Saturday, July 25th in Montpelier to show solidarity with Vermont police officers. The rally follows protests against racist injustice and police brutality in Vermont. The video appears to be in front of the state house, where several people with American flags and signs saying “Support Our Police” can be seen.
15 minutes before the rally, a group of Black Life Clause protesters came up with the slogans of the racial injustice movement. The group gave signs with slogans such as “last police brutality” and “eliminating police”. It seems that the confrontation between “Karen” and the protesters was not too late.

Denise Simonu Facebook

Denise initially scrapped the Facebook page that was commonly shared on Twitter.
According to a colleague with whom he used to work, he was working for the Abbey Group in Vermont. “The Abbey Group knows local food well,” says the company. More than a quarter century ago, nearby St. He started by feeding hungry students at Bellows Free Academy High School in St Albans. Today, the Abbey Group has grown, localized around New England and Upstate New York. ”
How recently asked,
“This year is not the last. I enjoyed talking to him; made a sandwich. Until I remember, I couldn’t understand why I was “that woman” and FB friends in the protest video. Sometimes we talk about how badly paid civil servant workers are. “