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Who is Debbie Elliott?

Deborah Elliot, aka Debbie Elliott, is a broadcast journalist for NPR, who covers news events in the American South.

Debbie Elliott is best known for being the love partner of F. Lee Bailey Jr., an American criminal defense attorney best known for representing – and helping to acquit – osteopathic physician Sam Sheppard and former football player O.J. Simpson, both of whom allegedly murdered their spouses. Bailey is being reported to have died in Georgia on June 3, 2021, one week before his 88th birthday.

Bailey was married four times and divorced three. His four wives include Patricia Shiers (1985-1999), Florence Gott (1960-1961), Lynda Hart (1972-1980), and From Portney (m.? -1972). His fourth wife, Patricia, died in 1999. He had three children.

Debbie Elliott Education/School

She attended graduate school at the University of Alabama, where she worked for WUAL-FM radio (which later joined other stations informing Alabama Public Radio). Afterward, she established her reputation as a stringer for NPR on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Debbie Elliott Career

From 2005 to 2007, she was the host of Weekend All Things Considered. On September 2, 2007, she announced her decision to step down from the program. Former NPR Congressional reporter Andrea Seabrook replaced Elliot as WATC host. Elliot then reported on the 2008 presidential campaign and the United States Congress before returning to the South in 2009.

Debbie Elliott & F. Lee Bailey

Debbie Elliott and F. Lee Bailey have been dating for almost two decades. Debbie Elliott was her business partner and the two lived in a rented home on Prince Point, only steps from the cottage where he spent childhood summers as per a 2009 article.

Elliott launched Bailey & Elliott Consulting, selling a range of services as diverse as Bailey’s background. “This has been my best year in memory. Everything is starting to break exactly right,” he said as he sat at an uncluttered, polished wooden desk in his office, which he shares with Elliott and Boots.

Elliott once owned salons in Portland and Newport and currently heads the cosmetology side of the pair’s consulting business. She cuts, colors, and styles clients’ hair and provides other personal care services. Bailey said the services are related. Elliott can take care of clients’ appearance; meanwhile, he preps them for court.

F. Lee Bailey Death & Cause

F. Lee Bailey died on Thursday, June 3rd at the age of 87. The death was confirmed Thursday by Peter Horstmann, who worked with Bailey as an associate in the same law office for seven years.

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