Survivor Island of the Idols: Dean Kowalski Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dean Kowalski Biography

Dean Kowalski Biography

Dean Kowalski is born in 1991 and 28 years old. He lived in New York. is one of the contestants competing on Season 39 of Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Dean Kowalski Age

He is 28 years old

Dean Kowalski Early Life

According to Parade, he told about her Early life and Early Career

“I grew up playing basketball, with the goal of being an NBA player. Then I realized I was 5’10”, so that wasn’t happening. But I thought about playing college basketball, so that prompted me to go to a high school where all we did was play. We were top five in the country, and I was one of four white kids in the whole school. We would go all around the country. I ended up going to play basketball at Columbia University. I use “play” very sparingly because I had front-row seats for the most part. (Laughs.) I was a co-captain my senior year, but I only played two minutes a game.

Every summer was dedicated to basketball. My coach didn’t allow internships, so I didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do. I knew I didn’t want to wear a suit every day like some of the other Columbia alumni. So I took the teaching route. I did a program for Teach for America, which brought me to Miami. You rank cities where you want to go as if you’re rushing a sorority. At first, I only wanted New York because my girlfriend was there and I was from New Jersey. But at the last minute, I was like, “[expletive] it. I’ve never lived anywhere else.” So I put L.A., San Francisco, and Miami. After the two-year commitment, I wanted to get back to my girlfriend and family. And thus, I wanted to try out a “real” job.

Dean Kowalski Career

He works in tech sales at Google. Before that, he was a teacher in Miami, teaching 9th-grade Algebra I.

Dean Kowalski Mindset about Survivor Season 39 2019

I’m by no means a superfan. I started watching in college with two of my best friends. We just wanted a show to pick up and Wednesday nights were free, so we chose Survivor. We started with Caramoan. I vividly remember Brenda and her cheering, “Cookies and brownies!” during a Reward Challenge. It’s still an inside joke between us. (Laughs.) But after college, life got in the way, so Survivor wasn’t a thing. At Grovo, I worked hand-in-hand with another salesperson in a conference in New Orleans. We walk into a meeting with H&R Block and this guy, who is a superfan, walks in and immediately jets out. He’s starstruck because across the table is Mama C. At that moment, I didn’t really know who she was. We had the meeting and went out with them on Bourbon Street. He knew every one of her moves, and I was just listening. After that trip, he and I started watching together. That was around five years ago, and I’ve watched every one since. That’s what brought me back in love with the show.

It’s one thing to watch it and another to be on it. That stems from my personality. So many people just talk. “I want to get a new job; I want to be on Survivor, I want to go to Fiji.” I made it a New Year’s resolution to apply. I put in a video, and I had no freakin’ idea it would land me here. I made a video walking the streets of New York, Google Pixel in hand in selfie mode, walking up and down Fifth Avenue. And here we are.

It’s so interesting you bring up “talkers and doers,” because that applies to making moves versus watching moves in this game.
You have to strike that delicate balance out here. Here I am talking, but I’ve never done it before. We’ll see how it pans out. To win, especially in this day and age, you need a resume and moves. You need stuff to push you forward. I don’t want to be the guy doing that Day 1, though. Because getting that target for 39 days is going to be a tough place to be.

Before the season premiere, Jeff Probst described Kowalski as a type of chameleon. “When I first met Dean, all I saw was the swagger. But you dig a little deeper and you realize, ‘I’m showing you one thing, I may show her something else, I may show those two people a completely different side of me.’”

However, if Dean can survive the merge with numbers, watch out. His quiet intelligence definitely gives off the vibe of a potential winner. Watching Dean’s early interactions will be a good indicator of whether or not his social attitude is a winning one.


Fast Facts You Need to Know

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