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Davone Anderson (fatally shot Sydney Parmelee and Kaylee Lyons) Biography – Davone Anderson Wiki

Davone Anderson, 25, allegedly fatally shot Sydney Parmelee, 23, and Kaylee Lyons, 23, at Lyons’ home in Carlisle. Investigators reportedly believe Anderson killed Parmelee on July 5 because he thought she was cheating on him and killed Lyons on July 30 because he feared she would tell police about the slaying, according to arrest documents obtained by PennLive.
Reports stated that both women were shot in the head. Lyons, who is six weeks pregnant, has a toddler son with Anderson. Anderson and Parmelee have two kids together.
According to the WGAL, the police responded to Lyons’ home on July 5th, after someone reported a suicide. It was reported that Parmelee was found dead next to a seat and a gun and an empty cartridge case. Although his death was considered murder, Anderson was not arrested until Lyons was killed.
On July 30, officers responded to the same house after a heart attack was reported. Lyons was found with a gunshot wound in the head. He died in the hospital the next day.
Anderson reportedly told police that she and Parmelee had recently separated. He claimed that Parmelee followed him to Lyons’ house, where they argued.
Anderson allegedly lied to the police and said that he was smoking outside when he heard a gunshot inside. He claimed to have found Parmelee dead on the sofa next to their 14-month-old son, whom he caught before running to his mother’s house and calling 911, according to PennLive.
Police said there was no evidence that Parmelee was considering committing suicide when her cell phone was called. Moreover, there were no gunpowder burns or injuries at Parmelee that would suggest he shot him at close range.
The gun used to kill Parmelee was reportedly stolen from Boiling Springs. Anderson has a 2017 drug conviction and is prohibited from possessing firearms.
Twenty-five days after Parmelee’s murder, Anderson’s mother and another woman realized that Lyons was fatally injured in the same house. Police said Lyons was found after Anderson asked the women to go to Lyons’ home and take her son, who was alone with her injured mother.
The women claimed that Anderson left Lyons’ house without disclosing what happened. A witness said that shortly after the shooting, Anderson went to a house in Harrisburg where he bought a suit and bleach and went to the toilet.
Detectives stated that Anderson asked for ammunition when he was at home, talked about being followed, and didn’t want anyone to know where he was. PennLive reported that Anderson was arrested shortly afterwards while driving Lyons’ car.
While at Cumberland County Prison on July 31, detectives “Anderson excitedly told a correctional officer that” he killed them both. ”
I killed Sydney. I killed Kaylee too, ”says Anderson, allegedly.
Anderson was charged with two first-degree murders, the murder of an unborn child, illegal possession of firearms, stolen property, and endangering children. He stays in jail without bail.