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Davide Saporito had returned from his holiday in Zanzibar and was left on hold for more than an hour but still couldn’t get through as the service was overwhelmed with callers checking their symptoms.

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He was 28 years old,

Davide Saporito Death

His sister called Davide to check on him and heard him mumbling incoherently so she called an ambulance ran to his flat and tried to get in.
She also tried to call 999 two more times as her brother fell unconscious.
Davide later died in the hospital.Atalina Saporito, 38, told the MailOnline: “He probably would have suffered brain damage, maybe affecting his sight, maybe his legs or God knows what. But what took his life was all the time wasted.”
Mr Saporito first began feeling ill while working at Dropshot cafe in Southfields, south-west London, on Monday, March 9,Publ so went home early. A day later he developed a temperature and phoned 111 at 12.46 pm but the call cut out.
The next day he developed a fever and called 111 at 12.46 pm where the call reportedly cut out and he called again at 12.51 pm with the same result.
Davide’s third attempt left him on hold for an hour and 48 minutes before it cut out.
At the time Davide was ringing, the emergency number was facing an overwhelming number of calls as 373 people had tested positive for the killer bug and the advice was to call 111 if they had symptoms.
Since then, the advice has now changed and now people with suspected coronavirus are told to call 111 if they become seriously ill.
On March 18, Davide felt better but still wasn’t able to get through to 111 as he rang at 8.59 am and 9.12 am to ensure he didn’t have Covid-19 and could return to work.
By 9.30 am, he got through and the health adviser said he didn’t have coronavirus symptoms.
The DJ, who was originally from Sicily, was told to call again for general calls and he did at 11.15 am – where he spent one hour and 47 minutes on the line before giving up in a state of exhaustion.
He contacted his GP at 2 pm and was told to call 111 again.
Natalina had been regularly checking up on Davide to see if he was getting medical help, and when she called at 4.25 pm he was mumbling and incoherent.
She called Danila, her brother’s flatmate, who wasn’t home but called for an ambulance at 4.40 pm.
Natalina raced to his flat and arrived at 5.30 pm and Danila arrived with keys 10 minutes later.
When they got into the flat, Davide was unconscious with his eyes open and unable to speak.
The ambulance was called again and arrived at 6.10 pm, where Davide was rushed to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London.
Davide died of cerebral malaria two days later.


Natalina said: “If only just someone could tell me he saw me, if he knew I was there next to him and I did not leave him by himself.”
Ed Savitt, the manager of the cafe Davide worked out, has started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for Davide’s body to be flown back to Sicily.
In a heartbreaking tribute, Ed remembered Davide for his “infectious smile and constant positivity”.
He wrote: “It was just on Monday that you were working and none of this seems real,’ he wrote. ‘You lived life to the full, always laughing, joking, partying, traveling.
“You loved your family and friends so much. And your talent making coffee and DJ’ing were undeniable. It’s so hard to imagine that you’ll never walk through the front door again. We all miss you so much, brother.”
Health officials have already expressed concerns over the NHS’s ability to cope with the pandemic as cases today have soared above 5,000.
Images have shown how nurses at a hospital in North West London have been forced to use bin bags as protective clothing after it declared a ‘critical incident’ over the number of Covid-19 patients it was seeing.