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David Werking Wiki – David Werking Biography

A man won a lawsuit against his family for surviving his $ 25,000 pornography collection.


David Werking, 42, sued his parents Beth and Paul after they threw ‘loads of pornography and a string of sex toys’ from their home in Grand Haven, Michigan.


Parents must pay compensation to their son for an amount that has not yet been determined. However, Werking valued the collection at $ 25,000 and demands that the amount be tripled as a penalty for ‘deliberate destruction of the property’.


US district judge Paul Maloney ruled in favor of Werking, who said he had no right to discard his parents’ collection.


She returned home for 10 months in 2016 after her divorce before moving to Muncie, Indiana.


However, when they sent their goods to his new address, he noticed that a dozen VHS tapes, DVDs, magazines, and sex toys, worth an estimated $ 25,000, were missing.


The Werkings had told their sons that they could not bring pornography to their home and would be destroyed if they found it.


His father said in an e-mail: “Frankly, David, I’ve done you a huge favor to get rid of all this.”


Parents kept some of the pornography, which they described as ‘the worst of the worst’, in a safety deposit box out of concern that it might be illegal.


The police examined the X-rated material and found no evidence that it was illegal and no charges emerged from it.


Judge Maloney said, ‘There is no doubt that the destroyed property is the property of David.


The accused repeatedly admitted that they had destroyed the property.


Werking’s family said they had a right to act like their landlord and warned him not to bring pornography home.


“The defendants do not refer to any law or lawsuit law to support their claims that homeowners can destroy property they do not like,” the judge said.


Maloney told both parties to brief them on the financial value of the collection.


“The court does not intend to hold a hearing for the evidence,” he said.


Werking and his parents have until February to present written presentations summarizing total losses.


His son’s lawyer, Miles Greengard, says his client should receive triple compensation, and he deserves this compensation with the allegation of transforming the property.