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America’s youngest Congressman: David Madison Cawthorn Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

David Madison Cawthorn Biography – David Madison Cawthorn Wiki

David Madison Cawthorn is an American politician. A member of the Republican Party, Cawthorn is the U.S. Representative-elect for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district after winning the 2020 election. The district includes most of Western North Carolina.

Cawthorn, who had a traffic accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down in his adolescence, said that his injury inspired him to enter politics and that he finished his speech by standing up on stage with the help of two people.


Mr. Cawthorn is potentially the third youngest person in US history to be elected to Congress. It’s just a few months behind Tennessee representative Jed Johnson Jr., who took office in 1965 seven days after his 25th birthday.


The youngest Congressman is believed to be William Charles Cole Claiborne, another Tennessee MP. According to U.S. Representative records, he was elected with the Democratic-Republican party roster in 1797 and would be either 21 or 22 years old. However, the tombstone says it is 23 years old, while other sources state it is 24.


Despite not meeting the constitutional age requirement, he served in the Congress.


Who is Madison Cawthorn?


Mr. Cawthorn is seen as a rising star in the Republican party after defeating Trump’s candidate Lynda Bennett in the North Carolina Republican Congressional primary in June.


During his primary campaign, Mr. Cawthorn, who was partially paralyzed after a car accident in 2014, criticized his opponent for refusing to participate in the controversy and said in a video that “big names will not be afraid behind their approval”.


Despite this, he has repeatedly expressed his support for President Trump.


“Today, the political forces want to enter the digital dark ages,” he said. “National leaders on the left normalized emotion-based voting and implemented a radical identity politics that rejected MLK’s dream.”


The 25-year-old Republican gave a conservative response to “The Squad,” a group of young and progressive members of the House of Representatives, which includes Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. Representative Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Representative Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. And Representative Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. – Naming Democratic MPs “agents of post-Americanism” in a campaign ad this month.


If elected in November, Cawthorn would be the youngest member of the Congress, a title currently held by Ocasio-Cortez.


“I think it is time for a generation of young patriots to stand up and take the helm and fight this liberal ideology that seems to be rooted in our generation,” he told Fox News this week.


Cawthorn, owner of a real estate investment firm, unexpectedly defeated real estate agent and activist Lynda Bennett in the race to nominate the Republican for the 11th District seat, where Trump renounced chief of staff.


Considering that Bennett, confirmed by Trump and Meadows, won the vote in March, the result was considered sad. Like Boebert, Cawthorn is Trump’s supporter.


Cawthorn said the Republican party was running for Congress in 2017, disappointed with the way it took full control of the White House and Congress.


“I felt Donald Trump had to pull a tooth from Congress to get anything done, and that’s why I want to go to Washington DC to break this status quo, actually do something,” Hill said on July.


Since winning the Republican nomination, Cawthorn has attracted the attention of prominent conservative organizations, conducted interviews and interacted online with prominent figures such as Charlie Kirk and Glenn Beck.


Cawthorn also received heat as he visited Adolf Hitler’s holiday home and later referred to him as the “Führer” in a deleted Instagram post. This month was reported by several media outlets, including CNN.


Cawthorn’s website summarizes his conservative views on healthcare, immigration, abortion rights and gun control. “I’m running because our faith, freedoms and values ​​are under attack from the coastal elite and leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” she says.


He will face down Democratic candidate and retired US Air Force colonel Moe Davis, whom Cawthorn slightly beat in the fall, according to an internal Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee survey in July.

In the congressional race, Mr. Cawthorn defeated Democrat candidate Moe Davis, a former Air Force prosecutor, with the results almost complete.


Cawthorn said he has decided to enter politics to fight Democratic Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are the youngest serving members of the Congress so far. He was selected at the age of 29 in 2018.


“Our faith, our freedoms and values ​​are under attack from coastal elites and leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” says Mr. Cawthorn.


“I am a proven warrior – tackling life’s toughest challenges. Now I’m ready to take the liberals in Congress,” he wrote on his website.


He describes himself as a “constitutional conservative” and says he wants to “apply timeless American principles of freedom, freedom, equality and opportunity to today’s challenges.”


Mr. Cawthorn worked as a staff assistant for Republican congressman Mark Meadows, who was President Donald Trump’s chief of staff.


He studied political science at Patrick Henry College, an evangelical Christian school in Virginia, but dropped out after a term. In a 2017 testimony published by the news outlet AVL Watchdog, he said his injuries affect his ability to learn.


Mr. Cawthorn is the sole owner and employee of an investment company called SPQR LLC, according to a financial disclosure form he signed before attending Congress.


Why is Cawthorn controversial?


In 2017, Mr. Cawthorn was criticized for comments he made after visiting Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest holiday home in Germany.


Mr. Cawthorn wrote on his Instagram page: “The Führer’s holiday home. Seeing Eagle’s Nest has been on my bucket list for a while, it didn’t disappoint.


“It is strange to hear so much laughter and have such a good time with my brother, whom only 79 years ago a great evil shared with his compatriots laughing and good days.”