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Who is David Kaser? kills Two Teen Daughters, Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is David Kaser? kills Two Teen Daughters, Biography, Wiki

According to the police, a man named David Kaser murdered his two teenage daughters before killing himself on Tuesday afternoon in Sand Springs.

The Police Department of Sand Springs and the State Bureau of Investigations of Oklahoma were called to the home near 38th Street and S. Around 1 p.m. on Walnut Creek Drive To investigate what occurred.

After slaughtering Clarissa and her daughter, Crystal ‘Grey’ Kaser, David Kaser turned the gun on himself.

David Kaser Age

David Kaser was 56 years old, Clarissa was 19 years old, and her sister Crystal “Grey” Kaser was 14 years old.

David Kaser Shoots His 2 Teen Daughters Details

The incident began a little before 1 p.m. Tuesday when the girls’ mother asked authorities to check on a home in the 3900 block of South Walnut Creek Drive in Sand Spring. The mother, who was around 20 minutes away at work, told police that she had spoken to David Kaser on the phone, who threatened to kill their daughters and himself.
The woman said she heard a gunshot while on the phone with her husband, followed by him asking, “How do you like that?”

The woman explained that she had been having marital trouble with David Kaser and although he had made threats in the past, nothing ever came from it.

Officers tapped on the windows and called the cell phones of the children, but received no response. When the mother arrived, she let the officers go to the house where the three dead bodies had been discovered. Reportedly, Kaser once shot each girl and then used the same pistol to kill himself.

His wife told authorities that for months they had been having marital issues and he had previously made threats, but nothing so extreme. After a “domestic” incident, police went to the house in 2017, but no arrests were made.

She gave authorities permission to enter the home, where they found both daughters and their father deceased.

David Kaser Motive

Investigators said the motive is known but will not be releasing additional information about it. He did mention, however, that authorities were called to the Kaser home in 2017 over domestic disturbance issues.

On Wednesday, police named the victims.

Two victims have been identified after their own father allegedly killed them while on the phone with their mother.
Sand Springs Leader reports that 56-year-old David Kaser shot and killed his two daughters, identified as Clarissa Kaser (pictured right), 19, and Crystal “Grey” Kayser (pictured left), 14. A news release by Sand Springs Capt. Todd Enzbrenner indicated that David Kaser turned the gun on himself afterward, causing fatal injuries.
According to a statement, “The Sand Springs Police Department would again like to send our heartfelt condolences to the family of these victims for this tragic and senseless murder of these two beautiful girls who were just beginning their lives.

“No words can express the pain this family is enduring right now.”

“The pandemic is wearing on people,” Tracey Lyall, executive director of Domestic Violence Intervention Services in Tulsa, said, according to Tulsa World.

“There’s an end in sight but it’s still pretty far away. There’s a sense of hopelessness we’re all dealing with. Some can deal with that easier than others, so it’s extra important to check on everybody if you think something is not right.”

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