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David Benaym Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

David Benaym Wiki, David Benaym Biography

David Benaym is a correspondent i24NEWS. He is also renowned for being the husband to Danny Tidwell,  an American dancer best known for being the runner-up on Fox’s third season of So You Think You Can Dance in 2007.
Danny Tidwell, a finalist on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance?, died on Friday, according to his brother and fellow dancer, Travis Wall. He was 35.
Wall posted the news on Instagram on Saturday morning.
“Yesterday I lost a brother. And we all lost a gift,” Wall wrote. “I’m not ready. But I never think I will be. Because I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe you’re gone. You were more than my brother. You were my inspiration. I idolized you growing up. Wanted to dance just like you. Wanted to be you! I wish I could jump in your arms again like we used to when we were kids and onstage dancing.”
Tidwell was a runner-up on Fox’s third season of the dance competition series in 2007.

David Benaym Education

He went to American University for a degree in Journalism, Communication as from 1999 to 1999. His activities include Tenley Campus – Washington Semester Journalism and Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Benaym did his BA, PRess, Radio, TV at ESJ Paris from 1994 to 1998. He list his Activities and Societies as Course Croisiere Edhec – Radio FaçoVent.
He also went to IUT Info-Com for a BA in Communication d’Entreprise (1992-1994). Prior to that, he did his Baccalaureat B (Economie) at Lycée Parc Imperial (1989 – 1992)

David Benaym Career

David Benaym is a correspondent i24NEWS. He writes in the about section on his Linkedln,
“Emmy nominee journalist, New York correspondent for i24news
Developing Movmnt as a brand, giving access to the “Art World” to a mainstream audience, with a conscious and awareness of the society and the times we live in.
Bringing Fashion, Dance, Music and Pop Culture together as a Lifestyle.

Specialties: Finding common grounds, understanding what’s missing or perfectible on a project, company, product, group, that would allow its evolution.”

David Benaym & Danny Tidwell

David Benaym & Danny Tidwell had been married since May 2014 until Tidwell’s death on March 6th, 2020. Celebrating their union, Benaym shared a photo of their rings on Instagram captioned, “We put a ring on it. 🙂 #ebony&ivory #Danny&David”

David Benaym Tribute 

Following reports of his spouse’s death, David Benaym took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon (March 7) to share an emotional tribute to Danny, who was sadly killed in a car accident the night before. He was only 35.
“I’m devastated that my Danny, the love of my life, my beloved friend, the artist, the talented angel, fierce mind, legendary dancer, my now late husband, Danny Tidwell died last night in a car crash while his friend was driving him home from work,” David started.
“I’m thinking of Denise, Travis, Scott, Tyler and Shannon, Grandma, his sisters Latoya and Ronda, his friend that was with him, Eddy, that survives him, and all his dance family that is already expressing the state of shock we are all in,” David wrote.
“We were so lucky to have him, life was so challenging for him,” David continued. “But he was a warrior, and he came back standing, always. We loved each other so much, he was and always will be family. He made me the happiest for so many years, we were able to create so much together, a book and a show, Moving Still, an amazing magazine adventure for 7 years, movmnt magazine, that made us so proud. ”
“He had such an impact on the dance world, life gave him so much to deal with from a young age,” David added. “I will write more about you, Danny, tell your story, continue your legacy, make sure that you are not forgotten, that you are celebrated. An angel with no wings you said you were, you were flying all along, and you’ll be our guardian angel from now on.”
David concluded: “I love you, I’ll forever miss you. You’re now in peace, mon Danny, and I know you know how much you were loved.”

David Benaym Instagram

He describes himself on Instagram, “Emmy nominee Journalist | i24NEWS NY Correspondent | Movmnt Magazine | Warrior of light | GM AUROCHS | Hockey player | French Bulldog lover 🇫🇷🇺🇸🇮🇱